by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • The Washington Post discovers that most people (including the majority of Democrats) would prefer abortions to be restricted after 20 weeks. The poll also found that only 1% of people volunteered the opinion that abortion should be “always legal” compared to 8% who volunteered “never legal.”
  • Michael J. New has encouraging news about the rate of sexual activity among teens, as well as information regarding public support of 20-week abortion bans.
  • A Green Bay, Wisconsin clinic which performed abortions will no longer do so after being bought. The abortionist, Robert DeMott, agreed to no longer perform abortions after selling his Ob/Gyn Associates clinic to Bellin Health System. His clinic was the only abortion provider in Green Bay:

    In the declaration by DeMott, he acknowledges the sale to Bellin, indicates he will become an employee of Bellin, and as a condition of employment with Bellin he says, “I may not provide abortion services to any patient.”

  • In light of the J.J. Redick abortion contract, New York Magazine’s Kat Stoeffel writes that the idea has “practical potential”:

    Abortion can be kind of heavy, so abortion contracts should be lighthearted and verbal — along the lines of “our objective is not procreation, pinky swear” — and definitely precoital. When they are hashed out after the fact, abortion contracts can become contentious, expensive, and even a little supernatural, as it did for abortion-contract pioneer and NBA player J.J. Redick.

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