5 thoughts on “Pro-life vid of day: PP of DE whistleblowers testify at hearing”

  1. PP and the abortion movement is anti-poor people.  They see poor people in the same way that they see the mentally and physically disabled:  undesirable. 


  2. Is it possible that this is why investigators found no evidence that women hadn’t been notified of positive tests or other medical conditions? From the NRTL link:

    Meanor repeated the nurses’ concerns that hundreds of women were never told that they tested positive for sexually transmitted diseases and others did not receive medication necessary to protect future pregnancies,” the News Journal reported. “She said she was directed to falsify records and alleged that a manager destroyed some records.”

    But yeah, these pro-choice women, medical professionals IN the industry, are just being deceived by the pro-life movement. Uh huh.


  3. Id think any woman would want to know if she has an STD…do you really see that PP is anti woman yet some women just don’t see it. It’s all pro lifers fault that PP did this yet we are the people trying to drive them out of business.


  4. Tyler – PP is also against black Americans with record number of abortions performed on black teens and yet black leadership is silent. 


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