by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • Mollie Hemingway has a great point on the national media turning a blind eye towards Planned Parenthood’s Medicaid fraud:

    It’s so confusing how a private breast cancer charity choosing not to give Planned Parenthood a couple hundred thousand dollars generated thousands of stories but that same abortion group paying a $1.4 million $4.3 million fraud settlement doesn’t generate hardly any.

  • Nightline went to the last abortion clinic in Mississippi. Is it me or is it really odd to be using a hula-hoop while holding a sign “I Do Not Regret My Abortion”? Also, think about how thoughtless abortion clinic owner Diane Derzis’ comment is regarding whether she’s wrong about the morality of abortion. If she’s wrong it may be between Derzis and God but she’d be partially responsible for the death of thousands of people and the possibility of that doesn’t faze her.
  • The new abortion regulation law in Texas may lower the number of Mexican women who cross the border for abortions:

    With limited options, Mexican women routinely cross the border to seek services at abortion clinics in Texas.

    “It would be a great impact because some of those women will have nowhere to go,” said Gerri Laster, administrative director of Reproductive Services.

    It’s one of the few clinics where women in the region can get abortions.

    Thirty percent of the El Paso clinic’s patients are women from Mexico. Some live just across the border in Ciudad Juarez, but others travel from the interior of Mexico, including Aguascalientes, Durango and Sonora.

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