Mom of the Year goes on to describe how her [15-year-old] daughter came to her agonizing decision all by herself, after being counseled by Mom on how hard it was for her (Mom of the Year) to be a teen mom, how as a doula who works with teen moms she sees all the hardships they face, how difficult it is to get benefits, and so on and so on. But her daughter decided ON HER OWN. Let’s be clear about that.

The post then covers the difficulty of affording abortion when living in poverty; how Mom obtained the necessary documents to get permission for her daughter; getting funding and religious counseling; how proud she was that her daughter decided to work as an escort the day of her procedure; and a lot more stuff that is basically the reason why the acronym “smh” was invented….

So congratulations, abortion industry. You’ve taken a woman’s grandchild from her, and not only is she not angry or sad, but she’s posting blogs about what an empowering experience it was.

Oh, and so is her teenage daughter. The end of the post includes a contribution from poor Kayla, in which she says: “Did I feel sad? Yes. Do I regret it? No! Because I know that the spirit I named Mariah will go on to a woman who is ready for her.”

There’s nothing else to say about this. There is only sadness.

~ Kristen Hatten, discussing a post on Jackson Women’s Health Organization’s (pictured) clinic escort blog in which a mom discusses taking her daughter for an abortion, Live Action News, September 16

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