Gloria Steinem

During her speech at a Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma fundraiser on September 21, liberal feminist icon Gloria Steinem broached an uncomfortable topic for abortion proponents: the pandemic of missing girls.

In 2011, that number was estimated to be 160 million. In her book, Unnatural selection: Choosing boys over girls, and the consequences of a world full of men, pro-abortion author Mara Hvistendahl, a correspondent for Science magazine, blamed ultrasound technology and abortion for the gendercide. This is simply common sense.

I give Steinem points for raising the issue, particularly at a Planned Parenthood event, since it was only last year that a Live Action investigation exposed several PPs around the country as perfectly willing to commit sex-selective abortions.

But I must immediately take back most of those points, because Steinem was dishonest about the main cause of those missing girls, sex-selective abortions. From Steinem’s speech:

There is a son surplus and a daughter deficit because of female infanticide, and there is a huge market in sex trafficking, where the life expectancy is very, very short.

Now if the 160 million missing girls all died by infanticide, there would be piles of dead baby girls on every street corner in many Asian countries. Consider that this number is roughly the population of females in the United States. That’s a lot of girls. Steinem’s claim defies logic.

Gloria Steinem is a smart woman. I know she knows the truth. But liberal feminist abortion pushers can’t acknowledge that abortion is actually devastating to feminism, because to do so would be to shake the foundation of all they stand for.


[Top photo via Huffington Post]

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