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  • Abstinence Clearinghouse discusses research which states that STDs and ectopic pregnancies are linked:

    According to, the connection between STD’s and Ectopic Pregnancies is attributed to the damage caused to the fallopian tubes. Severe infections can scar the tubes, causing them to become blocked. Women who have previously suffered from infections, such as chlamydia and gonorrhea, have a five times greater risk of developing an ectopic pregnancy….


  • Josh Brahm says body language matters when dialoguing with someone about a contentious issue like abortion:

    I prefer not to directly face pro-choice people when I’m in a dialogue with them. If I’m directly facing the person I’m talking to, it feels more like an argument than a dialogue. But if I’m standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them or if we’re both angled towards a common object, I tend to have a better dialogue.

    Interestingly enough, Joe Navarro, a 25-year veteran of the FBI and an expert on body language, found the same thing. He says that agents have more success with coaxing information out of interviewees when they avoid direct eye contact.

  • Big Blue Wave comments on the story of a couple with three children conceived via IVF – two born and one in cold storage – who opts to bury their embryo rather than place him/her for adoption or attempt to carry to term. Apparently, the couple finds the expense of “freezer” costs to be unmanageable and the thought of their child living with someone else to be unbearable. How tragic that death is thought to be preferable to a chance at life. Is burying one’s willfully rejected preborn child in the garden fundamentally different from abortion?
  • Bound4Life comments on a judge’s denial of an abortion to a 16-year-old girl in foster care who wanted to abort without parental consent. The girl’s lawyer appealed the judge’s ruling, claiming “bias.” (If the judge had allowed it, would he would have been considered “non-biased” by default?) He also objected to the fact that the judge asked the girl if she knew what abortion does to children in utero. Apparently, this teen is mature enough to have an abortion, but not mature enough to answer whether she fully understands the procedure.
  • Family Research Council says that while Planned Parenthood is celebrating its 97th birthday, there are many foul things about the organization that cannot simply be covered up by birthday cake icing:

    Planned Parenthood keeps medical standards low to keep overhead low. This puts women at risk. Hundreds of medical complaints have been filed against the organization, and many women have suffered botched abortions or died because of their practices. Medical citations include: non-medical personnel performing medical functions, failing to disinfect and remove blood stains from tables between abortions, using abortion pills after their expiration date, reusing unsanitary sponges to clean instruments, allowing fetal matter and frozen blood to build up on freezers.

  • The Lost Generation posts a graphic (below; click to enlarge) showing the dangers of the Mirena IUD:

    Why use a “birth control” method that is likely to cause death for a baby/babies you never knew about? Why use a device that hugely increases your odds of suffering an ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage if you have it removed during pregnancy? Why choose a “contraceptive” that is manufactured by a company that even the FDA calls misleading? Why use the Mirena IUD if you are risking your own health and life in the process, along with your baby’s?


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