“Why do Planned Parenthood’s abortion centers get all the money while non-abortion centers fall apart?”

Lola* knew the answer to her question but was using it to educate me about the StroudsburgPennsylvania, Planned Parenthood clinic that she, along with several other staff members, recently quit in disgust.

Lola emailed me a couple days ago, having learned about my blog, ironically enough, from bosses who mocked it during meetings. “We read your stuff and thought you were all crazy,” Lola said. “But not any more.”

Lola and I have now spoken a few times by phone. She also sent me some pictures. The Stroudsburg clinic doesn’t commit abortions. Lola concluded this is why it fell to the bottom of the upkeep pile.

For instance: “Every single one of our chairs is stained with blood or vaginal secretions,” Lola said. “The Department of Health mandated that PP abortion sites have waiting room chairs that are nonpermeable, so this wouldn’t be a problem. Is the Department aware PP’s nonabortion centers still have the upholstered chairs? We asked multiple times for nonpermeable chairs but were told it wasn’t in the budget. Patients sometimes sat on the floor rather than on infected chairs.”

(Click all photos to enlarge.)


“It gets worse,” Lola continued. “One of our two exam tables was contaminated with blood, secretions, and infectious waste – for years. Despite cleaning the table after every exam, the foam underneath was soaked due to the tear, a making it a sponge for the spread of infectious diseases, since our facility did STD and HIV testing. Corporate refused to repair or replace the table until our clinician threatened a work stoppage, because this was such a gross health violation. Realizing they were going to lose big money, corporate finally had someone come and reupholster it.”


“When the refrigerator where we kept meds and cold-storage birth control broke, it took corporate a months to get us a new one,” Lola continued. “Even though meds and food can’t mix, we were forced to.”


“Again, they only responded after we threatened,” Lola complained. “Then the refrigerator they brought was DRIPPING in mold and mildew. It had to be cleaned with hospital strength cleaner and disinfectant.

“There was graffiti on the clinic walls, the emergency exit was blocked with boxes, and the waiting room was filthy. Actually, the whole place was filthy – what you would expect at Gosnell’s clinic,” Lola said. “They refused to hire a painter.”



I think I’m thankful Lola had no pictures to go with her final gross story about the Planned Parenthood Stroudsburg clinic.

“On August 28 [2013] the sewer line backed up, causing a waterfall of crap to cascade and fill the basement,” Lola began. “RotoRooter found tampons, used condoms, drug paraphernalia, and other stuff clogging the lines. The center was covered from front to back in fecal footprints as RotoRooter and the manager had to go up and downstairs to test various things.

“An emergency call was made that night to every single regional manager, but no one picked up.” Lola continued. “Finally we called the head of finance, asking for someone to come out and help. We were scared. The place stunk like corpses. We were nauseous and wretching. But the finance manager said the only person who could come out was already ‘in her nightgown, so do the best you can.’

“A biohazardous clean-up crew did not show up for 48 hours, because corporate was price shopping,” Lola said. “Meanwhile, corporate refused to close the place. Patients and their children – and us – were walking and breathing in feces for two days.”

Lola concluded, “After the clean-up, they sprayed a sporicide and industrial strength cleaner. Again, corporate refused to let staff leave. We all began to go into respiratory distress, sharing the same asthma inhaler.

“‘If we die, we die together ,’ we joked.”

I called the Planned Parenthood Stroudsburg number to request a comment or response and reached a central call service. The operator transferred me directly to the Stroudsburg clinic. The phone rang 20 times with no answer (even though the clinic was open) and then went to a busy signal.

I then tried calling the corporate office at Planned Parenthood Keystone. My call went to voicemail. That was an hour ago. I have not received a return call.

But I have received two hang-ups.


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