GreetingsFromAlbuquerqueEarly voting on the first local ban in the country on abortions past 20 weeks began in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on October 30. It will run until November 15, with Election Day on November 19.

Albuquerque is currently a late-term abortion magnet, as it is home to abortionist Curtis Boyd’s Southwestern Women’s Options, where elective abortions are committed “through 28 weeks” and “later” for maternal/fetal indications.

This ban would set a dangerous precedent for abortion supporters. They are already fighting a losing battle in their attempts to extinguish pro-life fires among the states, but their troubles would grow exponentially were they also forced to deal with hundreds or thousands of local municipalities.

Perhaps this is why Barack Obama’s Organizing for Action has gotten involved:


Operation Rescue, which discovered this dalliance, has more details.

The other side should be worried. People overwhelmingly support a ban on late-term abortions. For the ban initiative to qualify, organizers gathered more than double the number required – 27,000 signatures – in just 20 days.

Meanwhile, an Albuquerque Journal poll on September 9 found wide support for the ban in all polled demographics – except Democrats. Click to enlarge:

map template


Pollster Brian Sanderoff found the spread for support “a little surprising,” because “many Albuquerque voters are pro-choice; however, support for the pro-choice position evidently declines as the term of the pregnancy increases.” True. Even 1/3 of ABQ Democrats can’t stomach it.

Halloween-choice-350x247In the growing furor to sway public opinion, pro-life drop cards even made their way into Halloween trick-or-treat bags, which a Jezebel writer found  ”creepy and annoying.”

But it’s apparently not creepy and annoying to air pro-abortion ads on television featuring a mother who chose to kill her preborn baby.

In its fact check of the ad, sponsored by Respect ABQ WomenKOB4 found “that the woman in the ad is not from here and did not have her abortion here.” The mother is, in fact, from Virginia. She described choosing to have her preborn baby given a lethal injection rather than “suffocate” at birth, although no details were given.

I must say I always find these stories suspect, how many exaggerated to curry acceptance? Nevertheless, it is misplaced compassion to kill a sick baby in the only safe, warm, hospitable environment s/he will ever know. Here’s the ad…


Meanwhile, ABQ Voters for Late Term Abortion Ban has released a video for viewing in churches…


The group’s campaign strategy is to get out the church vote.

To that end, Santa Fe Archbishop Michael Sheehan asked all parishes to read a message from him in support of the ban during all Masses this past weekend. He wrote, in part:

I encourage all the people of Albuquerque to support the proposed ordinance to ban late term abortion after the 20th week. These children are able to feel pain and suffer greatly when aborted….

Please join me in supporting this effort with energy, time, and resources. Together we can get out the vote on November 19, 2013.

2013-11-04_1424Archbishop Sheehan also held a special Mass last night, which garnered lots of media attention. From KOB4:

At a special Mass at the Shrine of Bernadette, Archbishop Michael Sheehan gave parishioners a mission during his homily.

“Let us say yes to Jesus, let us say yes to the unborn child, and urge others to do the same,” Archbishop Sheehan said.


Pro-life video creater extraordinaire, Ryan Bomberger, has also made a video in support of the ABQ 20-week abortion ban…


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