Planned Parenthood Keystone is the gift that just keeps giving, although I’m sure any closely scrutinized Planned Parenthood would render equally appalling information.

PP Keystone is an affiliate that covers “37 counties in Pennsylvania, home to over half of Pennsylvania residents,” according to its website. “We operate 17 medical centers that serve over 52,00 patients annually.”

Last week we learned about unsanitary conditions at one of those centers, and yesterday we learned about the slave wages PP Keystone pays, particularly atrocious when compared to the insurance premiums it charges the same workers, nearly equal to the wages.

Today I learned that PP Keystone charges abortion patients $20 to watch a video.

When I spoke by phone to a PP Keystone abortion sales agent, I was told the “information session,” which she explained is watching a video containing what  plannedparenthoodpa.org describes as a ”mandated lecture,” is an add-on fee to the cost of an early abortion, which, she said, ranges from $310-440.

The origin of the video is the 1989 Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act, which includes, per PP:

… A mandated lecture with materials produced by the state. This lecture includes outdated and exaggerated information, and was included in the law as an attempt to convince women not to go forward with the procedure. There is no other medical procedure in existence which includes similar protocol.

For a woman under the age of 18, before the 24-hour waiting period goes into effect, a parent must come in to witness the mandated lecture.

In medical terminology this is called “informed consent,” and I beg to differ with PP that “no other medical procedure in existence includes similar protocol.” The reason the PA legislature had to write the law is because abortion is the only medical procedure in existence where consent is as uninformed as possible.

Abortion is also the only medical procedure in existence where one apparently has to pay extra for informed consent – consent that takes no staff time except to push a button. So the video actually saves clinics money.

The $20 fee is one of those slimy sales gimmicks we are all familiar with where the price of a product or service is jacked up upon delivery for “extras” one should not have to pay extra for.

PP claims to care about poor and disadvantaged but sure seems to find ways to squeeze more out of them.

Red Box charges 20 times less to rent a DVD, and at least you get to keep it overnight.

In this case, PP doesn’t want the video to leave its property, nor is it available on YouTube. Wonder why.

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