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  • At Coming Home, Dr. Gerard Nadal shares some thoughts on the abortion industry’s opposition to admitting privileges and certification for abortionists:

    … [D]o we see the surgeons militating for lower standards of care, less accountability, no admitting privileges? These are the truly essential, not optional, lifesaving surgeries.And what of the cosmetic surgeons, whose procedures are elective? Do we see them militating for lower standards of accountability?

    Why is it that the abortion lobby consistently militates for lower standards of care, of accountability?…

    Wasn’t this supposed to be about taking abortions out of the hands of butchers and providing the highest standard of care for women?


  • American Life League’s Judie Brown has an excellent piece exposing the “charity” of billionaires like Bill and Melinda Gates, who attach their charitable giving to population control efforts throughout the world:

    Astounding though this may sound, the truth is that, for the Gates Foundation, like so many others in the population control business, the theory that it is charitable to make sure that poor families do not have babies is a primary incentive. Not only that, but such attitudes extend to the concept that if a needy woman does experience a pregnancy, the baby should not live to be born….

    If indeed Bill and Melinda Gates are driving the billionaire club’s bus, just exactly what is the agenda going to be in the future? A scenario that could involve population control as the world has never seen it before is not beyond imagination.

  • Fletcher Armstrong shares a comment he posted recently, declaring that pro-lifers will stop comparing abortion to the Holocaust “if the abortion industry and their apologists would quit saying and doing things that remind us so much of the Nazi era….”
  • Big Blue Wave compares Canadian abortion restrictions with those of China and North Korea.
  • Josh Brahm shares a great quote from pro-life apologist Scott Klusendorf:

    Christian pro-life advocates aren’t “imposing” their views any more than abolitionist Christians were imposing theirs or the Reverend King was imposing his. Rather, they’re “proposing” them in hopes their fellow citizens will vote them into law. That’s how a constitutional republic like ours works. We’re not looking to establish a theocracy that we impose on non-Christians, only a more just society for the weakest members of the human family.

  • At A Culture of Life, Frank J. Fischer discusses the AIDS/HIV epidemic and condom use:

    … [I]n 2011 (the last year we have records for) the number of people newly diagnosed with HIV was higher than for any year during the 1990?s…. So why isn’t condom promotion stopping the epidemic in New Zealand and around the world?

  • Speaking of HIV/AIDS, Down on the Pharm shares an interesting PBS graphic which compares the HIV rates of various locations in Africa to the rate in Washington, D.C., which has recently been touted as “the gayest place in America” (click to enlarge graphic):


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