hell2by Carder

Think of all not just the actual abortionists and their immediate staffs, but the manufacturers of the killing instruments, the builders of the abortion chambers, the landlords who own the building, the deathscorts, the politicians who support this either through commission or omission, the people who are the government workers who support these politicians, the Catholic clergy who don’t speak up, the Catholic clergy who actually support it.

Think of ALL of them and many more .. the people who vote these evil people into office, the people who make the advertisements for Planned Parenthood, the business that print up their posters, who maintain their websites, think of ALL of them and then ask yourself – do we REALLY have a REASONABLE hope that all men are saved?

Just a couple of seconds reflecting on the question proves its utter stupidity. How dare Catholic clergy make this inanity sound like the norm.

~ Catholic apologist Michael Voris, tearing into a salvation theory held by certain clergy, Church Militant.TV, December 16

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