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Bill O’Reilly: But it’s a more permissive culture, you know… unfettered abortion, OK, for any reason, up until the birth process. There’s a struggle.

And the struggle is between, usually, people of faith and the secular progressives. And the secular progressives have the media in their pocket, so they’re powerful.

Charles Krauthammer: Look… I would start with a proposition that, somehow… the permissiveness is radically increasing.

I would say, one of the more remarkable phenomenon of the last 30 years is the increase in opposition to abortion among the young people. You would have thought, together with other trends, yes, the permissiveness on drugs and other stuff and on sex and all that, that you would get an increase in the lassitude for permissiveness about abortion.

But it’s the reverse. I think there has been an interesting relationship between the new sides, the imaging, the sonograms, the idea of the fetus as a person and actual increase in resistance.

~ Transcript from a recent broadcast of Fox’s The O’Reilly Factor, in which columnist and pundit Charles Krauthammer notes a counter-cultural movement in the arena of abortion in America, Fox News, December 10

Video at link (quote begins at 4:01).

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