2013-12-11_1047Last week Planned Parenthood of Arizona announced it was closing its Yuma clinic, located in the southwest corner of the state, near both the California and Mexico borders.

Not to worry, PPAZ plans to hire a roving reproductive needs administrator to schedule abortions via iPad.

PP’s Yuma facility had committed medical abortions until 2011, when a new law went into effect mandating that only physicians could dispense mifepristone (ie., RU-486), not nurses or medical assistants.

Apparently the clinic could not sustain itself without the financial help of kill pills. PPAZ CEO Bryan Howard said it was down to 200 patients a year.

But Planned Parenthood is not abandoning Yuma. It is taking applications for a “regional health coordinator” who will “provide information and referrals to difficult-to-access sexual health care, foster community partnerships, engage volunteers and activists, give presentations and promote inclusion of sexual education in local school districts,” according to YumaSun.com. More on those “difficult-to-access” referrals:

Planned Parenthood will facilitate access to hard-to-find sexual and reproductive health services with the on-the-go ability to book health care appointments. For example, the coordinator might be approached by an audience member after a talk requesting a referral. The coordinator would immediately be able to book the appointment at Sunset [Community Health Center] or RCFBH [Regional Center for Border Health] with a tablet.

Or, get real, one of PPAZ’s four abortion clinics. The YumaSun.com article basically stated PP Yuma wasn’t needed because “gynecological exams are now readily available at local clinics and pharmacies and grocery stores now offer health care products and services. For example, HIV tests can be purchased at stores, conducted at home and mailed in.”

What else is there? What other “difficult-to-access” and “hard-to-find sexual and reproductive health care” would need booking specifically by a Planned Parenthood agent other than the A-word?

Also interesting was that “Planned Parenthood offers a [comprehensive sex ed] curriculum at no cost and will train all educators and school nurses at no charge, Howard said.”

Really? Doing this out of the goodness of their hearts?

Rita Diller of American Life League calls this ”Planned Parenthood without walls: a new free-roaming business model for the abortion giant”:

With Obamacare providing new, lucrative streams of funding for developing and implementing Planned Parenthood sex education programs, and providing new funding to Planned Parenthood to navigate people into its health insurance scheme, it appears the abortion giant is poised to become even more entwined in the fabric of communities, maintaining operatives in areas where the organization exists in the shadows, as it were, with no brick and mortar presence.

Government funding is driving the Planned Parenthood abortion/sex education/propaganda machine. Through Obamacare, Medicaid eligibility is being exponentially expanded, providing another huge source of income for the abortion giant.

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