by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Pro-Life in TN shares an article by David French at National Review Online that captures the hubris and “me first” mindset of many who support abortion on demand:

    I’m still shaking my head at Wendy Davis — not that she lied about her biography (sometimes it seems as if every politician springs out of some kind of heroic narrative) — but that she, as a very young lawyer doing the simple, ordinary work that thousands of young lawyers do, conceded custody of her child on the grounds that “it’s not a good time for me right now” to be the custodial parent.

    I’m also shaking my head at the president of the United States, speaking on the anniversary of the legalized killing of tens of millions of children, justifying this slaughter because it gives the former parents the ability to “fulfill their dreams.”


  • Albert Mohler discusses 41 years of abortion, highlighting past comments from the late President Richard Nixon along with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (both pictured left). Both candidly revealed that abortion was seen as a way of population growth among those of certain racial, economic and ethnic backgrounds.
  • After Abortion contrasts the Washington Post’s coverage of the “March for Women’s Lives” in 2004 to their coverage of the March for Life this year. Interestingly, the pro-abortion march garnered six pages of coverage as well as an aerial shot of the crowd taken from the top of the Washington Monument (which is currently forbidden).
  • Suzy B asks readers who use Twitter to encourage their senators to support the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.
  • At Priests for Life, Fr. Frank Pavone addresses arguments that claim pro-lifers are judgmental and political:

    Today we remind every pastor in America that preaching against abortion does not mean we are judgmental, nor does it mean we are political.

    It simply means we stand with the weakest, most marginalized members of our society, the children still in the womb, and we stand ready to help their moms and dads welcome new life, despite the fears they may have.

  • ProWomanProLife features video of Christian Buchanan’s mother Lacey, who plans to kick-off her own pro-life ministry with a rally on January 25th. The video she made introducing her son to the world received more than 11 million views:


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