by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • ProLifeBlogs links to Operation Rescue’s top ten pro-life victories of 2013.
  • Pro-Life in TN discusses the conflicting policies of population building in Israel – encouraging immigration while expanding government-funded abortions.
  • Right to Life of Michigan says Planned Parenthood has resorted to plagiarizing and deceptively editing stories from a NARAL website in order to create their own website opposing MI’s decision to opt out of abortion insurance coverage:

    In their desperate attempts to attack this pro-life legislation, abortion advocates have made false statements about whether the treatment of miscarriages would be covered and how the signatures which initiated this legislation were collected. As they try to drum up sympathetic stories, they are now plagiarizing the work of another pro-abortion organization and deceptively editing those stories because they recognize most people are not in favor of their tax dollars and insurance premiums paying for 3rd trimester abortions.


  • Wesley J. Smith remarks on end-of-life care polling data and wonders how minority groups may react to the cost controlling measures of Obamacare. Would they still support the President and his liberal agenda when an end-of-life rationing situation affects a loved one?

    The Pew Poll shows that 61% of African-Americans want doctors to “do everything possible to save their lives” when experiencing “a disease with no hope of improvement” and “in a great deal of pain.” So do 55% of Hispanics.

But one of Obamacare’s primary purposes is cost control, which will prevent “everything possible” from being done to extend life through cost/benefit treatment guidelines, insurance regulations, health care rationing, and/or futile care impositions forcing removal of treatment. Obamacarians want the right to coerce, not just educate and persuade.

  • ProLife NZ comments on an unusual story in which a child was denied benefits after the tragic death of his parents because he was still in the womb at the time their will was written.
  • Priests for Life intends to “launch[] the Cardinal John O’Connor Institute for the Pro-life Training of the Clergy, which will include a re-packaging of many of the activities Priests for Life has done all along, together with some new initiatives” in 2014.
  • Secular Pro-Life comments on the Texas father attempting to disconnect his pregnant wife from life support:

    After reading the comments section of this article on the story, I found myself in a very small minority of those who disagree with Erick Munoz’s desire to have his wife and unborn child taken off of life support, for several reasons….Why is this father trying to find all the reasons why his wife and unborn child should be removed from life support and left to die, and not the reasons why they shouldn’t? I find it very frustrating and disheartening that Erick Munoz thinks this way and also frightening that so many people actually agree with him. I believe these hopeless, negative attitudes about the Munoz family’s situation are caused mainly by one thing: abortion. Abortion causes society to devalue human beings. When the abortion industry, media, and politicians pound in our heads over and over that unborn babies are blobs of disposable tissue, it’s easier to see why someone would not be motivated to preserve the life of their “clump of cells.”

    At least we can rejoice in the fact that Texas has a law which prevents misguided, emotionally distraught people from making this kind of horrible, irreversible choice. If only every state protected all stages of life in every situation.

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