loribrownby Kelli

I think it’s so much about location and if, bear with me, I suggest that high schools — I know that in New York and California they can provide contraception and even in some schools in New York City they can provide emergency contraception — but what if abortion was accessible in high schools?

What if it was accessible on military bases, where we know sexual assault is very high.

What if it was available in malls because you can’t actually protest in a mall because it’s not public space, it’s private space. There are medical-type facilities already in a mall so why not have an abortion clinic in a mall?…

I just think where we locate these clinics plays a critically important role in how we access them.

~ Architect and author Lori Brown, responding to questions about how architecture plays a role in access to abortion clinics (as well as in restricting free speech), as quoted by The Daily Beast, February 25

[Photo via architectureau.com]

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