by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Michael J. New believes other reasons may be behind the U.S.’s declining abortion rate:

    Interestingly, none of these analysts [who claim increased contraception is the reason behind the decline] is willing to consider that shifts in public opinion on abortion may be playing a role. May of 2009 was the first time that a majority of Americans identified themselves as “pro-life” in a Gallup survey. “Pro-life” has outpolled “pro-choice” six out of nine times since the spring of 2009….

    Since the abortion rate is falling while the unintended-pregnancy rate is stable, a higher percentage of women facing unintended pregnancies are choosing to carry their children to term. Data from the Department of Health and Human Services support this, pro-lifers should take heart in it.

free condoms

  • Abstinence Clearinghouse notes that Memphis Planned Parenthood likes to place edgy billboards in places that shock people, like the one pictured, which is near a crosswalk for an elementary school:

    Children reading these signs are being indoctrinated with a message that cannot protect them from pregnancy or STDs. The irony is Planned Parenthood promotes sexual adventures without discrimination and without promoting sex being reserved for marriage, while their purpose for creating the signs is to “prevent HIV and STD’s.”

    Let’s not forget that our these condoms come from our tax dollars sent to them from Washington.

  • After Abortion lauds the work of Allan Parker, who founded The Center Against Forced Abortions as part of his work at the Texas Justice Foundation. If you or anyone you know is being coerced into an abortion, call (210) 614-7157 or email
  • Americans United for Life is proud of the Oklahoma House Committee on Public Health’s “approv[al of] a perinatal hospice bill (OK HB 2685) to provide any woman seeking an abortion for an unborn child diagnosed with a fatal condition to be informed about perinatal hospice. It is partially based on Americans United for Life model legislation.” AUL notes, “Should Oklahoma enact this legislation, it will join Arizona, Kansas, and Minnesota as states that offer parents a compassionate response to a horrifying diagnosis.”
  • Fletcher Armstong discusses the sidewalk outreach at the Passion Conference in Atlanta, which set out to encourage the 20K attendees to extend their passion to saving the most vulnerable among us – preborn children. The child of a woman in Nashville was even saved by the event, thanks to a cell phone and some pro-life graphics.
  • Big Blue Wave says this Facebook meme (pictured below) posted by Secular Pro-Life exposes the weakness of the “miscarriages happen, so abortion is fine” argument.

secular pro life meme

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