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  • Americans United for Life notes that the Guttmacher Institute’s latest report shows a decline in abortion numbers, along with a record number of pro-life laws enacted. And yet, Guttmacher claims the laws had no impact on abortion. AUL also notes that the reporting of surgical and chemical abortions is still voluntary, by state, and California chooses not to participate at all.
  • Ethika Politika reports on the involvement of their “sister project”, Reproductive Research Audit (spearheaded by Dr. Jacqueline Harvey) in the court cases pending against the HHS Mandate:

    Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby… on questions of the “contraceptive mandate.” You can read the full brief here, or a summary here.


  • Live Action picks up on abortion regret portrayed in the popular TV show, Parenthood. In episode 11, entitled “Promises”, the character Amy has an abortion her senior year of high school even though her boyfriend Drew says he will stand by her. Her only counseling comes from Planned Parenthood and she aborts. Following the abortion, they go their separate ways. Amy finds herself lonely and unhappy at college and tells Drew she wishes she could have a “do over.”
  • Life Training Institute applauds the latest news on the stem cell research front:

    Japanese researcher Dr. Haruko Obokata has successfully “shocked” blood cells with a mild acid bath into acting like stem cells.

    These new cells are called stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency (STAP) cells. Obokata’s research was successful using mouse blood cells, and is now taking place to see if human blood acts the same way.

    This procedure does not take the lives of any embryonic human beings.

  • Down on the Pharm has strong words for Hollywood and those who ignore the rampant sexual abuse of children, honoring alleged pedophiles like Woody Allen (and proven pedophile Roman Polanski).
  • Josh Brahm blogs about a different type of Sanctity of Human Life message in which he appeared with his pastor to answer questions that were texted in during the sermon.


  • Never afraid to call it as she sees it, American Life League’s Judie Brown has strong words regarding the lack of teaching in the Catholic Church on important doctrinal issues:

    This is surely borne out by the confusion among Catholics who are not well-informed on what the Church teaches. A recent statement by the Archdiocese of Boston’s Cardinal Sean O’Malley [pictured right] bears this out.

    During a recent interview with the Boston Herald, the cardinal was asked about Pope Francis’ statement that some Catholics appear to be “obsessed” with abortion. His response is enlightening:

    The normal Catholic in the parish might hear a sermon on abortion once a year. They’ll never hear a sermon on homosexuality or gay marriage. They’ll never hear a sermon about contraception. But if you look at the New York Times, in the course of a week, there will be 20 articles on those topics. So who is obsessed?

    Phil Lawler commented on the O’Malley statement: “If I were a bishop, I could not acknowledge this failure without a deep sense of shame. And of fear.”

    But there is no fear of the consequences wrought by admitting freely that Catholics are being cheated daily by those who have a moral obligation to teach the truth. O’Malley’s admission is stunning.

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