ChastineAfter reading Robin Marty’s piece in Think Progress the other day about abortion doctor Cheryl Chastine (pictured right), I thought I’d peruse some of Chastine’s tweets to see what she has been up to.

Chastine is on the cusp of sacrificing a promising career as a legitimate ob/gyn to to take abortionist George Tiller’s place at his retooled abortion clinic in Wichita.

I’ve loosely followed Chastine’s whereabouts since I took part in Pro-Life Action League’s first protest and “outing” of her at her former Oak Park, Illinois, practice last April.

I say “former” because the doctors at her day job let her go due to the public turmoil created by pro-life exposure of her circuit-riding job.

So I was scanning @DrJaneChi’s tweets and was struck first by the amount of time she seems to have on her hands, not a surprise since her abortion clinic’s business is apparently slow, but second by Chastine’s adolescent foul mouth.

Here’s a sampling. WARNING: Vulgarity. Click to enlarge…


Do any of you women have an ob/gyn you can possibly imagine talking such trash, especially in public?

Abortion doctors frequently complain about stigma and lack of respect. Well, if abortionists want to be treated professionally, they need to act professionally.

But that’ll never happen, because abortionists kill babies, and from out of their mouths come what’s in their hearts, as someone once said.

Chastine only reinforces the caricature of her “profession.”

One other point of interest in Chastine’s tweets. She is a “lover of bunnies,” which all of her pro-abortion friends are happy to indulge. Overcompensating much?


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