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A March 6 New York Times article, “Abortion law pushes Texas clinics to close doors,” included a slide show, “Last day for last abortion clinic in the Rio Grande,” referring to one of two Texas abortion mills that closed that day. Above and below are a few of those pictures. Click all photos and graphics to enlarge…

abortion proponents worried about access to abortion clinics

abortion clinic

According to Think Progress, the number of abortion clinics is Texas is down to 19, from 44 as recently as 2011. By September 1 there could be as few as six abortion clinics in the state that meet the new ambulatory surgical center guidelines, hence a “state of emergency” for the lack of access to murder babies.


But the phenomenon of shuttering abortion clinics isn’t confined to the Lone Star State. As I wrote in a previous post,  abortion clinics have been dropping like flies everywhere. Ninety-three clinics closed in 2013 alone, bringing the total number down to 759 from a high in 1991 of 2,176. According to Operation Rescue, an additional eight abortion clinics in four states have announced they are closing thus far in 2014.

A March 5 American Prospect article lamenting another recent pro-life tactic – stacking state boards of health with like-minded believers – included a rather amazing chart…


Disregard the fact that Guttmacher blames “anti-choice insurgents” for frightening abortionists out of the business. As even left-leaning Bloomberg News admitted, there are a number of factors – some self-imposed – but none of them fear.

Look instead at the changing abortion landscape. It’s quite something.

Pro-lifers and the rest of the world are slowly seeing the reverse of a perverse social experiment in likely the most watched, influential, and volatile pro-abortion country on the planet. Nowhere else is legalized abortion fought as much as it is here. What happens here on abortion is not only critical here but has a ripple effect.

Particularly in the last three years, pro-lifers have made significant gains throughout the states. See this Guttmacher chart, the title of which says it all: “More abortion restrictions were enacted in 2011-2013 than in the entire previous decade.”

The sudden “clinic crash” in Texas  serves as a reminder that pro-lifers must stand ready to meet the need. Fortunately, there are four times as many pregnancy care centers in the U.S. as there are abortion clinics, and there is also a church in almost every neighborhood.

If it’s true that “nobody likes abortion, dammit,” which I hear all the time, this becomes the time for abortion supporters to join forces with pro-lifers to truly help pregnant mothers in crisis, rather than merely direct them to a place that does what they say they don’t like – because there are fewer and fewer of them.

far-far-awayRather than complain that the drive to kill one’s child is becoming impossibly long and increasingly expensive, or is shifting to a scary place like Mexico, pro-choicers could work with pro-lifers to stop crisis pregnancies before they start.

We pretty much know exactly who stumbles into a crisis pregnancy. According to About.com, “The majority of women with unplanned pregnancies do not live with their partners or have committed relationships. These women realize that in all likelihood they will be raising their child as a single mother.”

Abortion proponents should join pro-lifers in encouraging single women to respect themselves more than to have sex if they are not ready to parent a baby, particularly with a creep who will abandon them if they get pregnant.

That’s how they could do the most good, expend meaningful, productive energy.

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