UPDATE 3/13, 7:10a: Police have returned video a Survivors member took of UCSB Professor Mireille Miller-Young stealing one of their signs (of abortion victims) and assaulting 16-year-old Thrin Short.

And it gets even worse. Turns out the professor enticed a student to break the law and steal the sign showing abortion victims. Video shows Miller-Young physically blocked Thrin and her sister Joan from entering an elevator, pushed and scratched Thrin.


The Survivors say they plan to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, which includes getting this out-of-control professor fired. Survivors representative Kristina Garza wrote in a follow-up email this morning:

[W]isdom can be garnered from this incident about the effectiveness of the signs.  The Campus Outreach Team went back to UCSB this week to capitalize on students’ hyper-awareness of the issue, and it went really well.  Besides people changing their minds, we saw the pro-abortion protesters become more and more outlandish.  Students couldn’t take them seriously anymore.

Please pray for this terribly wayward professor’s conversion.

3/12, 2:24p: There is one visual a University of California, Santa Barbara, overcome by signs showing victims of choiceprofessor who teaches porn can’t handle: photos of abortion victims.

You would think Mireille Miller-Young, pictured right, who also teaches queer theory and sex work at UCSB, would have a hardened brain and eyes by now, but apparently the reality of abortion shown via photos of abortion victims overcomes her. From The College Fix, March 12:

A department of feminist studies professor has been accused of going berserk after coming across a campus prolife demonstration that used extremely graphic displays, leading a small mob of students to chant “tear down the sign” before grabbing one of the signs, storming off with it, then allegedly engaging in an altercation with a 16-year-old prolife protestor who had followed the educator to retrieve it.

Much of the scuffle was recorded on a smartphone by the 16-year-old, Thrin Short. The yet-to-be-released video is now in the custody of Santa Barbara law enforcement officials, who are investigating the March 4 incident.

IMG_3169Short, pictured right, was with a group of 13 from Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust when Miller-Young allegedly absconded with one of their 3×5 signs and ran off with it. What happened next, according to the Survivors:

She paraded across the campus with two female students carrying the sign.  Joan [Short, Thrin’s sister] and Thrin followed, Thrin video-taping and Joan on the phone with the police.

The parade weaved through two buildings and entered an elevator in the third.  Thrin attempted to get on the elevator with them, but Young blocked the doorway.  Thrin stuck her foot in the door, but Young pushed it out with her foot.  Tenaciously Thrin put it back.  This happened several times as Thrin pleaded with the students to not get involved.  “The police are on their way,” she told them, “you don’t want to be with Professor Young.”

Suddenly Young reached out and pushed 16 year old Thrin. “Don’t touch me!”  Thrin cried, startled. Young’s long fingernails scratched Thrin’s arm.  Young pushed Thrin twice more and each time Thrin kept the door from closing with her arm.  Finally, Young got out of the elevator, and tried to pull Thrin away from the elevator door.  Thrin held onto the elevator with her other hand, the one holding the camera.  Realizing that students were trying to take the camera out of her hand, Thrin let go of the elevator.

The elevator doors closed.  Professor Young let go of Thrin, leaving several scratches on her arms, and got on another elevator.  Then the police arrived.

The police did not seem overly concerned about the incident until they saw the video and realized how violent the professor had been. Police identified the assailant and found the remains of the sign – it had been destroyed. UC Santa Barbara police are completing their report to be submitted for prosecution.

Photos below are of scratches allegedly made by Miller-Young to Thrin’s left and right arm. Click to enlarge…


Thrin plans to prosecute “to the fullest extent of the law,” according to The College Fix.

I can’t wait to see this video, one I’m sure Miller-Young won’t want studied. I hope nothing happens to it.

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