News broke April 13 of a gruesome find in a Pleasant Grove, Utah, garage: the remains of a dead newborn infant stuffed inside a box.

The owner of the home, Darren West, called police, who found six more babies, also hidden inside boxes. Of the seven, one was apparently a stillbirth, but the rest were murdered after delivery.

West’s estranged wife, Megan Huntsman, readily admitted to killing her children. According to the AP:

Huntsman, 39, told police she either strangled or suffocated them immediately after they were born. She wrapped their bodies in a towel or a shirt, put them in plastic bags and then packed them inside boxes in the garage of her home….

During the interview with police, she was unemotional and matter of fact….

Of course, there is no difference, except the murder method, between Huntsman and Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia late-term abortionist found guilty of first-degree murder last year of severing the spines of three newborn infants.

And there are only inches of difference between Huntsman and the late-term abortionists Hollywood celebrates.

But no surprise, Huntsman’s murders are getting much more press. The media was uncurious about Gosnell because his occupation was one they cheer; plus, it was too uncomfortable for them to ponder how close Gosnell’s illegal method of killing was to his legal method.

But the media considers Huntsman’s crime “horrific and unimaginable,” because we all instinctively know a mother killing her own children is worse than when others do it (which is why there will always be a stigma attached to abortion, no matter how how the other side tries to normalize it – the revulsion is innate).

The media wonders why Huntsman didn’t abort. Again, killing one’s born children is unacceptable, while killing one’s preborn children – even at the same age – is acceptable:

Cheryl Meyer, a psychology professor at Ohio’s Wright State University… said “concealers” are typically teenagers who do not repeat the act.

“These are usually girls who are 17, get pregnant, become scared to death and don’t want to tell their parents,” said Meyer, who has written about mothers who kill their children. “They’re not 30-year-old women who can go have an abortion.”…

Defense attorneys also will try to determine whether Huntsman sought an abortion and if she told anyone about her pregnancies – all in hopes of understanding actions that otherwise appear incomprehensible….

In other words, it is “incomprehensible” to kill one’s own baby after birth, particularly because it is so convenient to kill that baby before birth.

article-0-1713F219000005DC-406_634x422-e1361472880191Even in the days leading up to her delivery Huntsman could have reached out to any number of late-term abortionists, like LeRoy Carthart and Warren Hern, pictured right.

But Huntsman waited to commit her own 4th trimester abortion – perhaps because it was cheaper?

The abortion industry should make Huntsman a poster child to push for Obamacare to cover late-term abortions. Don’t they love personal stories of tragedy like this?

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