health inspection of abortion clinicsAn informant from the Planned Parenthood Keystone affiliate in Pennsylvania has slipped me some fascinating new documents.

Recall Pennsylvania is the home of infanticide abortionist Kermit Gosnell, convicted  in May 2013 of first degree murder in the deaths of three babies and involuntary manslaughter of a patient.

In reality, Gosnell likely “snipped” the spinal cords of hundreds if not thousands of babies he aborted alive over three decades but was never caught. The state simply stopped inspecting abortion clinics “for political reasons,” according to the Gosnell Grand Jury Report. Gosnell’s heinous crimes were only discovered by accident when the FBI raided his clinic for writing illegal drug prescriptions.

Republican Gov. Tom Corbett began righting the wrongs by firing negligent state workers and enacting annual state inspections and surprise random inspections.

So, either an annual state inspection was scheduled at the Planned Parenthood Allentown abortion clinic for Friday, March 21, or someone on the inside gave PP a heads up about an unannounced inspection, but here’s the memo PP distributed to staff:

abortions inspection sheet for various abortion clinics and medical centers

Allentown seemed to clearly reschedule abortion appointments to avoid the scrutiny of Department of Health inspectors. As my informant noted, “If the DOH gave a heads up about inspections to restaurants like it does to abortion clinics, wouldn’t they all pass?”

Indeed, another document provided by my informant showed that the day before the March 21 DOH inspection the Allentown PP was coincidentally crawling with additional staff. Click to enlarge:

encouragement for abortion staff

Interestingly, it appears the Allentown PP is closed on Fridays, so why had abortions been scheduled that day to begin with?

My informant responded with another bit of interesting news: “The abortion centers always show as closed on abortion days. They never list themselves as open so that pro-lifers won’t show up.”

I checked, and this is true, at least among all the PP Keystone abortion clinics. The closed day for each one (Allentown, HarrisburgReading, Warminster, York)  is a day elsewhere listed as “by appointment only.”

Pennsylvania pro-lifers take note. These supposed closed days are actually busy baby killing days. From the second document (click to enlarge):

scheduling abortions around

Abortionist Jennifer Coles normally commits abortions for PP in Maryland. Wasn’t she wonderful to sacrifice herself? She turned around and sacrificed 24 children in one day for a minimum charge by PP of $450 each, giving PP a $10,800+ day.

I also note that while Planned Parenthood screams at the suggestion of even a 24-hour delay by laws requiring waiting periods before abortions, it was a-ok offering aborting mothers the option of waiting a week.

Gov. Corbett, there are obviously still gaping holes in Pennsylvania’s post-Gosnell inspection system.

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