by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN.

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  • Pro-Life Action League says a recent 911 call from the Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Illinois, shows how little they truly “care, no matter what” about women’s safety. When the emergency operator asks for the patient’s condition, the PP staffer offers nothing – except instructions on where to park:



  • Priests for Life notes that horrific conditions in abortion facilities are the norm, not the exception.
  • ProLife NZ comments on the Academy Award-winning film, 12 Years a Slave, drawing comparisons between abortion and slavery:

    Just like the current practice of abortion, slavery was once a culturally accepted norm that most people either supported or were unwilling to publicly express their opposition to.

  • ProWomanProLife extrapolates on how the Pill is not a good thing for women:

    It forces women to take an artificial hormone every day. It causes side effects including physical pain and mental problems. It makes us dumb and dumber about the way our own bodies work. It changes incentives so that women and men who aren’t remotely compatible sleep together – causing untold emotional pain and the odd “unwanted” baby, now to be considered an ill-begotten side effect.

  • Reproductive Research Audit’s Dr. Jacqueline Harvey writes an open letter to Sen. Barbara Boxer refuting her statement that “women take birth control, more than half of them, as a medication for other conditions.” Harvey was asked to evaluate Boxer’s statement for Politifact:

    In sum, contraception is overwhelmingly the reason why women use contraceptives, while any secondary and tertiary side-effects are a mere afterthought of most users according to the study the senator herself hides behind to authenticate her statement. While Sen. Boxer’s choice to pull one figure from a larger study makes her carefully-worded statement appear half-true, it is completely false. Truly, it is also completely offensive.

  • Secular Pro-Life has an informative article and graphic (shown below, from showing how New York is completely backwards when it comes to the life issue:

    New York City may not have a desire to inspect its abortion facilities, but it is very interested in policing the interactions that pro-life pregnancy centers have with the mothers who come to them for pregnancy tests, sonograms, counseling, diapers, and other assistance. The City has spent who knows how much money defending its unconstitutional anti-pregnancy-center law in court for the past three years.SPL also notes that “no woman has ever had her uterus perforated, had pieces of her dead fetus left inside her, or hemorrhaged to death at a pro-life pregnancy center.”


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