70 physicians join pro-lifers to block new Planned Parenthood abortion clinic


On May 3, a group of 70 physicians took out a full page ad on page 2 of the Osceola News Gazette to encourage Kissimmee, Florida, citizens to join them in attempting to keep Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando from opening an abortion mill in their community, which is just 20 minutes from Walt Disney World.

Many of the physicians oppose PPGO because they are pro-life. Others are incensed on a professional level, because Planned Parenthood wants to open up shop in the middle of a large complex of medical office buildings, pictured below, directly across the street from a hospital. They fear Planned Parenthood’s presence will negatively impact their business, property value, and harmony, all of which are absolutely true.

Oak Commons where Planned Parenthood wants to place an abortion clinic

Planned Parenthood kept its plan secret until March, when pro-lifer Jay Rogers  discovered its scheme while researching another proposed abortion clinic.

As it turns out, PPGO purchased its 8,800 sq. ft. building in December 2013 from Orthopaedic Associates of Osceola for $1.4 million, this only after Adventist Health Systems (aka Florida Hospital System), which held the deed to the property, signed a waiver to a restriction  that specified “the performance of elective termination of pregnancies is prohibited.” Seventh Day Adventists are woefully pro-abortion.

Not only that, they’re apparently spiteful. The hospital across the street from the proposed PPGO abortion millOsceola Regional Medical Centeris not part of the Adventist hospital system, so AHS’s signing of the waiver was noncolleagial, to put it mildly. AHS opened a can of worms, placed it on its competitor’s doorstep, and ran. ORMC is sure to get Planned Parenthood’s abortion botches as well as pro-life protests and prayer vigils on the sidewalk between it and the clinic.

The doctors at Orthopaedic Associates, who still have an office in the Oak Commons complex, also double-crossed their colleagues. I’m told by Dr. John Littell, who is spearheading the effort to oust Planned Parenthood before it can embed, that the entire medical community is now snubbing the group and refusing to refer patients. One can express umbrage with these doctors, some of whom are Catholichere. 

Jenna Tosh, CEO of Planned Parenthood Greater Orlando AbortionPPGO CEO Jenna Tosh (pictured right), whose brother-in-law is pro-abortion comedian Daniel Tosh, made no secret of the fact PPGO is “excited” to target the area’s predominantly Hispanic population.

Planned Parenthood’s new abortion clinic is slated to open the end of May.

But there are still several hurdles.

One is zoning. The area is zoned B-5 for medical – not surgical – offices. If Planned Parenthood is allowed to proceed, it will be the first surgical facility allowed under the B-5 zoning restriction.

Pro-lifer Katy Shultman, who attended the May 5 Kissimmee City Commission Meeting, told me Mayor Jim Swan and City Attorney Don Smallwood both claimed the city is helpless to enforce the zoning restriction, having been preempted by the state to regulate abortion clinics. They also both fretted Planned Parenthood would sue and cost the city millions in legal fees.

So does this mean Planned Parenthood is above the law? Can Planned Parenthood simply flout zoning restrictions with no ramifications? As was pointed out at a recent city  commission meeting, quoting forerunner.com:

Littell argued that it is nearly impossible to get a pain clinic licensed in the city. Strip clubs are not allowed within city limits. Recently, a funeral home was not allowed to open next to a McDonalds. Littell urged the city to consider how an abortion center could be allowed to open, when more stringent laws are applied to far less less dangerous and offensive businesses.

Attorney Maureen Arago, who is working with the doctors and pro-life groups to block Planned Parenthood, told me they will sue the city if it refuses to enforce its own zoning restrictions. She said she is receiving input from two national pro-life legal powerhouses,  Alliance Defending Freedom and Life Legal Defense Foundation, to explore additional options.

Meanwhile, the Kissimmee community has indeed expressed overwhelming opposition to Planned Parenthoood’s presence in their city:

Orlando Sentinel poll showing 72% oppose new Planned Parenthood abortion clinic

Stay tuned.

[In addition to the pro-lifers named in the post, thanks to Brad Fischetti, Annette CayerMichele Herzog, and moderator Carder for their input.]

16 thoughts on “70 physicians join pro-lifers to block new Planned Parenthood abortion clinic”

  1. Abortion is not healthcare.

    Good on the heroic doctors who are fighting for good healthcare for poor women.


  2. So we fight!! We fight with everything we’ve got!!

    They will whine about how intolerant we are and about some “war on women” and we don’t believe in “women’s reproductive choices.”

    boo hoo

    We will no longer tolerate baby killers pretending to be healthcare.

    Mothers deserve better than abortion.


  3. Amen Carla, this is a knock-down, drag-out street brawl.

    I love it!

    PPGO threatened to sue the city if they weren’t allowed to open. The city cowed. So the good doctors are threatening to sue the city if PPGO is allowed to open.

    This is awesome! And all of us can jump into the fray, through prayer.

    Let’s pray that more Christians down there will wake up and join the remnant that’s already praying, “No way devil! Not in our neighborhood! Not on our watch! We’re taking dominion and establishing the Kingdom of God here. His Righteousness and His Justice reigns here. Spirits of murder and genocide have to flee!”


  4. Amen!!

    We stand! We fight! We win!

    We don’t cave! We don’t cower! We don’t wring our hands!
    There are lives at stake and we will fight for them! We will fight for the lives that haven’t even been conceived yet!



  5. As a nurse although i have met PC doctors ( usually women) i am happy to hear this. In Ohio we have an organization called Medical Professionals For Life.


  6. There is more to the story. I don’t understand the deed restriction waiver.

    But this may be because I do not understand the deed. Can someone explain?

    The deed of Feb 2012, I would guess, would turn the property over to the buyer, who I assume is Planned Parenthood. I don’t see a buyer identified on that Feb 2012 deed – just signatures.

    If PP buys that property, they hold the deed, and any deed restrictions would be a matter between the owner (PP) and the county property manager/tax assessor – this is my assumption and may be wrong – if so, I would appreciate a correction.

    If the deed issue is between the current owner, PP, and the county, why is the former owner, the Adventist Church, a party in the waiver?

    It catches my eye because this may be yet another story where PP falsely represents itself in a real estate deal, and changes course after some deal is done. Here, the waiver is granted Nov 2013, a year and a half later. The timeline is interesting: buy the property, let a year go by, then file for the waiver. The waiver process might be expected to take a half year.

    Again, for those who know more than me on real estate law, please jump in.


  7. More than once I said to notorious Madison, Wisconsin abortionist Dennis Christensen that there would come a time when his colleagues would abandon him completely, in fact abandon all abortionists, and then pursue legal means to put them out of business and keep them out of business. God bless all doctors who take their calling to health care seriously, and who refuse to recognize abortion as health care. The prayers of the righteous availeth much. Keep going and don’t stop, pro lifers!


  8. In response to the deed question:

    Adventist Health/Fla Hospital owned 610 Oak Commons and sold it to K&K Holdings, aka an Orthopedic Practice in Jan 2012 with an addendum stating the building could not be used for selective termination of pregnacy. Later Planned Parenthood wants to buy 610 Oak Commons from K&K but can’t because of the deed restriction not allowing abortions. So in Nov 2013 Adventist Health signed a waiver so K&K could sell the building to Planned Parenthood and be able to perform abortions at 610 Oak Commons in Dec 2013.


  9. I had a friend who was a Seventh Day Adventist. She cut off our friendship because she thought I was going to hell (I suppose she thought I was too flammable to sit near!)

    After reading that sad drivel on their website, and how underhanded they were in helping PP, who aborts for any and no reason, I can’t even find a descriptive word to insert in front of “hypocrites!” Huge hypocrites? Enormous hypocrites? How about Not-As-Flame-Resistant-As-You-Hope Hypocrites?


  10. Did the Latino community ask PP for their “help?”. I don’t think so . . . I was told that Adventists don’t think a baby is a person until s/he draws its first breath. If this is true then they really aren’t pro life to begin with.


  11. Katy says:

    May 8, 2014 at 7:25 pm

    In response to the deed question:

    “Adventist Health/Fla Hospital owned 610 Oak Commons and sold it to K&K Holdings, aka an Orthopedic Practice in Jan 2012 with an addendum stating the building could not be used for selective termination of pregnancy. Later Planned Parenthood wants to buy 610 Oak Commons from K&K but can’t because of the deed restriction not allowing abortions. So in Nov 2013 Adventist Health signed a waiver so K&K could sell the building to Planned Parenthood and be able to perform abortions at 610 Oak Commons in Dec 2013.”

    –I get that. But how does K&K have any sway over property that is no longer theirs?


  12. –I looked at Wikipedia and arrived at “Covenant (Law)” and it seems that the stipulation put on the land was some sort of covenant – a covenant on a piece of property is binding largely because the recipient agrees to it. There are a few ways out of a covenant, apparently, with the most simple one being the seller simply updates the contract to remove the covenant stipulation.

    There was little on enforcement. To me, it seems that a county authority would look at a covenant in a way similar to how they would look at a zoning ordinance violation: they would look at the facts, look at the existing rule regarding use, and decide that the out-of-covenant use was not legal.

    That, in my mind, gets at the issue of enforcement of such a stipulation.

    –Now, to get Biblical. There is one real-estate property interpretation of the fall of man/redemption: Adam had property rights or use rights to the earth, but he violated the contract, and lost this claim. He thus gets relegated to be a laborer on land that is not his.

    However, he can go through a process to have the original claim redeemed. This comes through a redeemer.

    These real estate / property concepts are in the OT. Especially Leviticus 25. Outside materials say that claims to lost property, that had some covenant or opportunity for reclamation, would need documentation – this would be a declaration of this fact, which would be witnessed by seven uninvolved parties, with each party adding his (or her?) seal.

    Thus, breaking seven seals is symbolic of the process that would be carried out at redemption of the loss of dedicated property. The breaking of the seven seals in Revelation is a matter of Adam, human-kind, getting the earth redeemed back to him, after having lost his claim, and having to live under another master of the land.

    So, I have learned something today.


  13. We had a situation like this happen in our city. There were three business owners who could have stood up and taken a stance, but they became cowardly and refused to stand up in court and say, “No” to PP. One lady even told me, “I refuse to be the sacrificial lamb and have someone retaliate and destroy my business”. I thought “sacrificial lamb” was an interesting choice of words being that Jesus was our sacrificial lamb and was willing to be crucified for our sins. Yet, due to fear, PP got its way.


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