imageFor months the Birmingham, Alabama, Planned Parenthood has maintained a shroud of secrecy surrounding its “temporary” closing in December 2013.

The abortion giant is only now coming clean after the Alabama Attorney General and Alabama Department of Health filed a legal brief on May 13 revealing exactly why the Birmingham Planned Parenthood shut down.

Ironically, the brief was necessary only because Planned Parenthood was one of two abortion providers that sued to block a law enacted in Alabama in 2013 that forced abortionists to have admitting privileges at local hospitals. A trial date was set for May 19, inducing the need for the state to defend itself in this court document.

Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit left it and doctors killing babies in Alabama open to exposure. And expose this brief does. From page 6 (paragraph breaks and underline added):

Finally, the evidence will show, contrary to plaintiffs’ assertions (Doc 173 at 12), that the State has a legitimate need for additional credentialing for abortion doctors.

There are immediate reasons to question the competence and ethics of at least two of the five doctors (40%) who work for plaintiffs as well as their employees more generally. Dr. A is currently being sued for malpractice arising from his misdiagnosis of a patient at a Birmingham abortion clinic. Dr. P2 is currently being prosecuted by the federal government for Medicaid fraud.

And Planned Parenthood’s Birmingham clinic was recently closed after an employee of Planned Parenthood unlawfully sold prescription drugs in the clinic’s parking lot.

The legal brief adds (emphasis theirs):

The evidence will show the plaintiffs’ doctors remain in the city of a clinic for as few as six hours, perform scores of elective procedures, and then leave. They automatically transfer the care of their patients to outside physicians, and patients must go to the emergency room for care for complications. The defendants’ experts will testify that this is substandard practice….

Instead, it is standard medical practice for a physician to provide continuity of care to his or her own patients…. [P]hysicians with staff privileges at local hosptials will testify… that they do not follow the practice of referring patients to an emergency room for effectively all follow-up care.

imagePlanned Parenthood filed its lawsuit several months before being closed for nefarious activity – slightly embarrassing and certainly not helpful to proving the merits of its case, although it should have anticipated something since it has a propensity for trouble.

Likewise, the abortionist identified as “Dr. P2” appears to be Yashica Robinson-White, pictured right, also charged after the abortion providers filed their suit.

So, “at least” two of five abortionists in Alabama have been refused hospital privileges for good reason. Such a system weeds out the quacks and hacks, surely what the abortion industry fears.

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