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  • Live Action documents another first person story of how Planned Parenthood was complicit in covering up the sexual abuse of a minor. Their callous disregard for abused children is appalling:

    Over the years, I have found out that my story is very common in two aspects, neither of which will be good news for either side in the abortion debate. The first is the fact that my experience with Planned Parenthood was not an aberration. The sexual attitude often championed by Planned Parenthood is a serious factor in preventing the discovery of sexual abuse of young people. Had anyone shown even the least bit of disapproval or concern, I would have divulged the truth and begged for help.


  • Fletcher Armstrong doesn’t mind controversy when it makes people think, and the college campus-targeted Genocide Awareness Project serves that purpose. The GAP recently visited Michigan State University where they received various responses to their visit. One counter-protest group had some responses strange reasoning, like, “Everyone is entitled to their point of view, but it’s about respecting the student body, those who may or may not have mental illnesses…. The visitors that we have may be looking at the school for prospective college.” But then another anonymous comment made it all worthwhile (pictured left).
  • Big Blue Wave posts her response to a column asking the question, “Why do more women oppose abortion than men?”
  • Right to Life of Michigan says the state’s Democratic Party has released a video promoting Democrat Gary Peters for U.S. Senate, which includes a statement of support from late-term abortion clinic owner Renee Chelian:

    At the start of the video the woman… says, “I’m Renee” and later says, “Choosing Gary Peters means protecting my daughters’ and your daughters’ future.”…

While Renee Chelian thinks electing Gary Peters means protecting “your daughters’ future,” Chelian doesn’t believe in protecting all daughters. Every year, thousands of unborn Michigan daughters are killed at her abortion clinics in Michigan and she and her family profit off of it.

  • Clinic Quotes notes the twisted thinking of anti-adoption abortion supporters, who consider adoption (not abortion) cruel.


  • Culture Campaign reports that Google has essentially decided to contribute to the murder of the preborn for disallowing anyone searching for abortion clinics from seeings ads or links to pro-life pregnancy resource centers. Apparently, they don’t follow this line of thinking with other topics. For instance, I searched for “suicide” the first links that popped up were for suicide prevention. In searching for “abortion”, the top links were all favorable to abortion.
  • At Life Issues Institute, Bradley Mattes addresses the volatile topic of pregnancy resulting from rape, pointing to studies that show how stress affects fertility:

    Although no study specifically addresses rape and fertility, there are several that confirm there is a relationship between stress and infertility. Ironically, two of these studies were published in the New York Times. One measured the levels of the enzyme alpha-amylase, a biological indicator of stress, and found that women with higher levels took longer to become pregnant. Dr. Sarah Berga, head of obstetrics and gynecology at Emory University, stated, “The surprising finding was that even low levels of stress can have an impact on conception.” Dr. Alice D. Domar is the director of mind-body services at a Boston fertility center. She affirms the link between stress and infertility, “If you’re really stressed out and depressed, the body seems to sense that’s not a good time to get pregnant.” A study from Emory University School of Medicine researched the impact of stress on ovulation and concluded, “Stress is one of the most common and most commonly underappreciated causes of infertility and reproductive compromise in men and women.


  • A Culture of Life says that New Zealand plans to destroy a large number of frozen embryos on November 22 this year:

    That’s the first deadline of the 2004 HART (Human Assisted Reproductive Technology) act. All embryos in New Zealand that have been frozen for 10 years or more will be destroyed on that date, unless their parents obtain specific permission by May this year. That permission to extend frozen storage must be granted from an ethics committee, not the facility storing the embryos. One chain of fertility clinics says 350 couples or women will be affected at this deadline. And with over 10,000 embryos in storage in New Zealand, it’s only the start of this issue.

  • Down on the Pharm discusses the selective use of privacy laws in California:

    While pondering why California’s privacy laws protect law-breaking abortion clinics and domestic abusers, but not doddering old men arguing with mistresses, click this link, and read Ben Shapiro’s report on what activities will NOT produce a permanent ban in the NBA. Perhaps it will make you reconsider whether professional basketball is your kind of entertainment.

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