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  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life says the World Health Assembly recently adopted a plan to “reduce high rates of neonatal mortality in large parts of the world”. Unfortunately, they left out something important:

    MCCL GO participated in the online consultation on a draft version of the “Every newborn” plan. [MCCL executive director Scott] Fischbach noted that while preterm birth is the leading cause of newborn mortality (and second leading cause of under-five deaths), the action plan fails to mention a significant risk factor for premature delivery. A wealth of worldwide research has shown that induced abortion substantially increases the risk of preterm birth in subsequent pregnancies.

    “The prevalence of abortion significantly contributes to the problem of neonatal mortality,” Fischbach observed. “The plan to end newborn deaths should have taken into consideration all of the known risk factors.”

  • At National Review, Michael New comments on the latest Gallup poll measuring pro-life and pro-choice sentiment.

Governor Mary Fallin

  • At Priests for Life, Fr. Frank Pavone applauds Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (pictured left) for signing a law that requires abortionists to have admitting privileges at local hospitals and that requires abortion facilities to have emergency medical equipment on site.
  • In a letter to the editor of the Detroit News, Citizens for a Pro-life Society director Monica Migliorino Miller addresses the high abortion rate in Detroit, Michigan. She touches on something that can likely be said not just about aborting mothers in Detroit, but everywhere:

    Poverty is very real in Detroit, but we also need to honestly consider how non-marital sexual behavior and absentee fathers contribute to poverty — how these elements hold women back from jobs and educational opportunities. And throwing more birth control pills at women will not get at the real source of Detroit’s economic problems or tragic abortion rate either. Heal the family, call men to responsibility and you will do much to bring life back to the Motor City for the born and the innocent unborn.

  • Wesley J. Smith reveals the latest pro-death move of the assisted suicide/euthanasia crowd: starvation. He writes:

    First, it was removing feeding tubes from the cognitively disabled, slow killing excused as removing medical treatment. Do it to a dog and go to jail. Do it to Terri Schiavo and it’s merely “medical ethics.”

    Now, euthanasia types push VSED, e.g. voluntary stop eating and drinking. Not only that, they want nursing homes and hospitals to be forced to starve dementia patients to death who willingly eat….

    A lawsuit was filed to force a nursing home in Canada to starve a dementia patient to death. That lost and is on appeal.

  • Pro-life Action League asks whether or not the issue of abortion in society will ever be “settled” like so certain other human rights issues have been.
  • Secular Pro-Life encourages pro-lifers to join the “You are not alone” campaign in support of post-abortive women.
  • Pro-Life Wisconsin and Right to Life of Michigan both share a video from the ABC show, Extreme Weight Loss, in which competitor Charita admits her abortion regret to her parents (who had no idea she had an abortion):

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