Josie Cunningham Emily Letts abortionColumnist Eva Wiseman wrote at The Guardian wrote:

Pro-choicers are facing some uncomfortable truths….

When, at the end of April, escort, aspiring glamour model and mother-of-two Josie Cunningham [pictured top right] told the Sunday Mirror she was planning an abortion to ensure her place on Big Brother, there was mild uproar. The earliest response was from Mirror readers, 93% of whom said they’d boycott Big Brother if she appeared on the show… These alongside disgusted tweets from high-profile doctors and liberal commentators….

A week or so later, a YouTube video of an abortion went viral. The clip, by 25-year-old abortion counsellor Emily Letts [pictured bottom right], focuses on her face as she breathes, calmly, through the short procedure. At the end she says: “I feel good.”…

Again, the reaction has been fierce – both from anti-abortion protestors… and from those who are passionately pro-choice….

For me? The reactions have illustrated a widening gap between the theory of being pro-choice and the real, day-to-day “Oh sh**… oh well” of abortion….

These two cases have brought uncomfortable truths about many pro-choicers’ feelings to the surface. They’ve shown that many believe that not only are there right and wrong reasons to get an abortion but that women’s (legal, considered) decisions are up for examination….

There is no right or wrong reason for a woman to get an abortion, and there is no right or wrong way for her to feel about it. For pro-choicers, there should be no confusion.

Similarly, columnist Jessica Valenti wrote at The Guardian:

I think abortion should be legal without any restrictions - no parental consent laws, no mandated ultrasounds, no waiting periods, no bans on late term abortions and no bans on federal funding for abortion….

If that were the law of the land, it would also mean an end to rape and incest exceptions - because we wouldn’t need them. Women wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) have to prove that their abortion is of the “acceptable” variety. We wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) have to pretend that women who are forced into sex are somehow more deserving of medical care than women who chose to have sex. We could rid ourselves of the hierarchy of “good” and “bad” abortions.

I particularly found Valenti’s thoughts on the rape/incest exception quite interesting.

It’s true that to decry abortion in any way is to cast judgment on the act itself.

Is it possible to expect people who consider themselves “pro-choice” to reach this level of acceptance? Or is pushing this level of acceptance working in favor of the pro-life position?


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