Announcing new crew members!

announcing-thumb-200x301by Carla

I would like to announce some exciting news here at!

We have reshaped our Mod Squad, which is made up of pro-lifers who have shown themselves to be dedicated, honest, and respectful commenters here.

I’m excited to announce that Del, LibertyBelle, and Sydney have all graciously said YES to accepting the opportunity to moderate this blog! We are excited by their willingness to do this! Carder and Bobby Bambino will carry on as mods as well, and we are very grateful. Many thanks to our outgoing mods Gerard Nadal and Alice.

I will be stepping down as lead mod of this blog. Six years have simply FLOWN by!

I read this blog for years and did not comment until 2007 and was hooked. :) Jill asked me to be a moderator in 2008, and I have learned so much! I have met amazing pro-life warriors who are now lifelong friends and come to understand exactly what those who are pro-abortion think and believe.

I have watched some of those pro-abortion hearts transform into pro-life hearts and have also had the privilege of helping post-abortive mothers who have contacted me. Jill gave me a platform as a post-abortive mom and a chance to speak my heart and bring a name and a face to post abortive regret… and for that I will be forever grateful.

I will be praying for all of you as you continue to fight the good fight here and out there. Saving lives and educating others and celebrating the major pro-life wins in laws that protect mothers and their children. I am so proud of all of you!

This is not goodbye. This is “see ya”!

Jill note: Carla has been a dedicated leader on this blog, taking her role as lead moderator very seriously. I am really going to miss her. And yes, Carla is my go-to friend to whom I send post-abortive moms for compassion, wise counsel, and help with healing. I know I can still go to Carla for that. She has become a dear friend over the years. I am really going to miss her daily presence here.

We are also going to miss Gerard and Alice and thank them for their sacrifices of time here. LauraLoo also needs an extended break away from job-sharing Pro-life videos of the day with Hans. The blog’s glue, Kelli, will be stepping into her shoes.

I want to welcome and thank Del, LibertyBelle, and Sydney, well known and cogent pro-life voices in our blog community. Carder, Bobby Bambino, and Susie are all staying on, whew!

Thanks also to you readers and commenters for indeed making this a special place.

13 thoughts on “Announcing new crew members!”

  1. Congrats to Del, LibertyBelle, and Sydney for their positions.

    I will miss you Carla. Please don’t stop emailing me! :)


  2. Thank You SO much …all of you- for what you do, what you’ve done, and what you’re doing !

    I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you (as it were). :D


  3. To Carla & Jill and the Mod Squad: I still want to get together for a barbecue party. I love slow-smoking pork ribs in the Ozark-style that my grandpa “Shorty” cooked so perfectly in my childhood.

    To the community who post at Jill’s blog: Think before you click! I have to read all of this stuff.

    Don’t tempt our itchy new trigger-fingers!


  4. Love you Carla. You know I won’t miss you because I’ll still see you daily on facebook and laugh at your cat memes when life gets too stressful. Thank you for your friendship and for all the wise counsel you’ve also given me. You’re a very special person in my life.


  5. Carla: You’d BETTER check in at least one a month !!!
    I will definitely miss your spirit, dedication and candor as will many others.


  6. Dear Carla, thank you, thank you, thank you for all your tireless work here. I actually started reading the blog regularly in 2009, so I’ve been here for five years of your tenure. I will certainly miss your daily presence. God bless you always, stop back once in a while, please!

    Welcome on board to the newbies Del, LibertyBelle and Sydney!


  7. Thanks, y’all. I’m really excited to join the Mod Squad. I was floored and flabbergasted when I got the email. :)

    We’ll miss the other mods and will try to carry on your good work. :)


  8. Carla we will miss you, you too Gerald and Alice.

    Welcome aboard new mods.

    God bless all of you.


  9. This is crazy. It’s like the end of an era or something. Anyways, congratulations to all new team members.


  10. Congratulations to the new mods: Del, Sydney, and LibertyBelle!

    Carla, I hope you still plan to comment often here! I will miss your constant presence and the wonderful way you remind us not to get so carried away with pro-life zeal that we forget to love post-abortive women.


  11. Thank you precious people who keep the dialogue going here in favor of LIFE!

    I’ll be around. :)


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