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parents surprised by counselor suggesting genetic testing for abortionI will always remember that look on her face. I knew it was not good news. We were expecting our third child. My wife, Samantha, went to our doctor for a routine appointment. Our first two pregnancies went perfectly. Not this time. After analyzing the blood Samantha provided, the doctor determined that there was an increased risk for our child to have spina bifida….

After we arrived at the specialist for additional tests… we met with a genetic specialist who did everything in her power to use words I had never heard of before. Illnesses, deformities and abnormalities: she laid out all the possibilities.

After she finished highlighting the relevant portions of her vast genetic knowledge, she must have sensed our despair…. [and] explained we could find out if our baby suffered from any abnormalities by viewing a simple ultrasound. And then she said this: “But if you do not like what you see, you can always get an abortion.”

At first, I was taken back. I thought to myself, “What did she just say?” Her comfort to a couple of troubled parents with a potentially embattled 16-week-along baby is to say that if you do not like it, you can kill it? I was disgusted….

The genetic specialist did not focus on the pain we would feel if we decided to abort our baby. No, the truth is that abortion advocates will never talk about the mental and physical anguish that parents go through after they “choose” abortion.

As a civilized society, how do we allow abortions to occur according to personal taste anyway, let alone at all? If you do not like what you see, you can just abort it. Got a girl but you want a boy? Just abort it. Having a baby will change your lifestyle? Just abort it. Not ready to be a father? Tell her to abort it. Your baby is not big enough? Your baby will not have blue eyes? Your baby has physical deformities? No need to worry. If you do not like what you see, you can abort it….

These unborn children are not things we can just throw away.

~ W. Brett Branham (pictured above, with his family), Deseret News, June 4

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