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  • Josh Brahm announces the start of his new pro-life ministry, the Equal Rights Institute:
    We’re going to largely accomplish our mission through speaking, writing and campus outreaches. We’re excited to be partnering with Students for Life of America to be training as many of their campus clubs as possible. We have several books we’re planning to write. I’ll be speaking on pro-life dialogue tips as well as relational apologetics with my formerly pro-choice friend Deanna.You can donate to this new ministry (and/or personally support Josh) here.


  • Live Action chronicles “the nutty professor” of abortion advocacy, Sarah Silverman (who recently called preborn children “goo”) and her even more disgusting buddy, Tucker Max, who sleeps with as many women as possible and then refers to them as “sluts” and “whores.” While they’re making jokes about abortion and praising Planned Parenthood, the abortion giant is proving itself to be a friend to the abusers and users of women. How hilarious is that?
  • Fletcher Armstrong appeals to post-abortive men and women to join his team to administer the truth with love about abortion:
    If you have experienced abortion, please join our team. Please go with us, so you can explain… how God loves us in spite of our sin. You can explain how God can forgive us and heal us from abortion, just as He can forgive and heal us from any other sin. You can tell them that you know this is true, because you’ve been there.
  • Big Blue Wave weighs in on Justin Trudeau, the leader of Canada’s Liberal Party, who recently made news by saying he would not consider any pro-life</> candidates for the Liberal Party. Trudeau claims, “This is not a position about trying to gain votes or trying to play a certain angle…. This is very much a position of principle.” BBW’s succinct response: “Your principles suck.”
  • Bound4Life says it’s time to admit it: The Catholic Church was not only right on the issue of contraception, but their vision was also “prophetic”:
    The Church teaches that love, marriage, sex, and procreation are all things that belong together. That’s it. But it’s pretty important. And though the Church has been teaching this for 2,000 years, it’s probably never been as salient as today.

pro-life Green Party supporters

  • A Culture of Life is disturbed by this photo, right, being used as a “get out the vote” effort by New Zealand’s Green Party. Their platform actually seeks to liberalize abortion and to remove it from the Crimes Act (though you’d never know it from this picture), allowing for late-term abortions for fetal abnormalities:
    How ironic today to view this picture featuring the rounded bellies of mothers who are Green supporters with the words “vote for me”.

Here, the value, the existence and the reality of the child hidden inside each mother’s womb was acknowledged and even celebrated.

But in this year’s election, a vote for Green will not be a vote for the vulnerable pre-born child. Neither will it be a vote for women. It will be a vote for death.

  • Generations for Life says one way to combat abortion is to be willing to show our own vulnerability to those facing unplanned pregnancies:
    One of the most powerful ways that we can make ourselves vulnerable is by acknowledging that our lives are not perfect. We often expend so much effort trying to prove that we have it all together, giving others the impression that we are above their sufferings and struggles. We create a culture in which a woman facing an unexpected pregnancy is pressured to abort her child in order to maintain the façade of a perfect life. If we can instead embrace the imperfections in our own lives without discouragement or distress, we take on a small role in creating a culture where living “perfectly imperfect” lives is okay.

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