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  • Clinic Quotes shares a quote from an abortionist who admits he does “mental gymnastics” in order to perform abortions:

    … I started doing abortions on an altruistic basis. I’ve done a couple thousand, and it turned into a significant financial boon, but I also feel I’ve provided an important service. The only way I can do an abortion is to consider only the woman as my patient and block out the baby. I’ve delivered enough babies, seen enough divorces, and seen enough abused kids to do abortions with a clear conscience. This may be some kind of mental gymnastics on my part, but I really feel that parenthood is so tough that people shouldn’t back into it.


  • links to a Life News report regarding a decision by the Presbyterian Church (USA) to refuse to condemn the killing of babies born alive following botched abortions:

    78 percent of the PCUSA General Assembly struck down a resolution condemning the killing of babies born alive during abortions, as occurred with notorious abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Initiated by the South Alabama presbytery, it called for inclusion of pro-life Presbyterians and an investigation into doctrinal and financial support of abortion. Dissenters cited pro-abortion stances, while others noted past affirmation of viable babies and reservations in commenting on criminal cases.

    In other words, PCUSA sees no problem with what abortionists like Gosnell do for a living. It appears that gay marriage (which was approved by the assembly) matters to PCUSA, while the right to life itself doesn’t matter at all. (Maybe the “PC” in PCUSA should really stand for “politically correct”.)

  • A Culture of Life finds both good and bad news in the latest abortion statistics out of New Zealand:
    The recorded abortions have dropped for the sixth consecutive year to 14,073. This is the lowest since 2007 when there were 18,382 abortions reported….

    Significantly, younger women are leading the way in the rejection of abortion. Since 2007, when the number of teen abortions reached their highest in history, the number of 15 to 19 year olds having abortions has decreased by half!…

    Unfortunately women aged 40 to 44 are having more abortions. 637 – up from 590 in 2012. It is the highest number of abortions in this age bracket since 2010 when 655 were recorded.

  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life has an excellent article pointing out the importance of fathers regarding the abortion issue. Abortion is NOT just a women’s issue.


  • At Live Action, Cassy Fiano reports on some “Nazi thinking” comments made by a Czech government advisor who was forced to resign due to public outcry. But would the outcry have been so swift had his verbiage been a bit more… nuanced?

    Miroslav Mitloehner drew strong protests after he argued in a recent article published in the Journal of Medical Law and Bioethics that “it makes no sense to prolong the life of a baby born as a monster….

    Mitloehner said doctors should be allowed to terminate babies’ lives without parents’ consent, adding that their disabilities led to the question “whether such a freak is a human being at all.”

    Mitloehner said society should have the courage to agree to “legally end their life in the course of pregnancy or immediately after the birth.”

  • At National Review, Michael J. New points out the media’s pro-abortion bias and how it does a disservice to women by neglecting to report the connection between abortion and preterm birth:

    … [E]ven though the Bloomberg article reports extensively on both high abortion rates and the high rate of preterm births in the same story, it never bothers to draw a connection between the two. This is despite the fact that there exist 127 studies documenting such a link. These studies date back until 1963 and include a wide range of methodological approaches.They also include recent, methodologically rich studies from Italy and China, each of which analyzed thousands of women; as well as a 2009 meta-study of the literature from 1995 to 2007 authored by both pro-life and pro-choice researchers, which found a 64 percent increased risk of a preterm birth with just a single induced abortion.

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