by Hans Johnson

Online For Life was founded by businessmen on a voluntary basis – men who believe that abortion is not merely a “women’s issue” – to help pregnant mothers†searching online to find sources for hope and help – not the dead end of an abortion clinic.

Brian Fisher, former CEO of Coral Ridge Ministries,† explained the intent of the organization:

I thought if we could basically go to where the women who are hurting are, which is online ó thereís 2 million internet searches a month for abortion terms in the United States† ó† it would have a huge impact. So thatís where the mission field is, if you will. Then if we could go and bring them into an environment that was caring and compassionate, and that there was a support network there where they could legitimately feel security which most of them donít feel, then we had a shot at saving children.

By referring women to pro-life clinics, Fisher told TheBlaze, almost 2,000 babies have been saved, and “we have†a call center that talks to the women, and we’re actually opening up our own clinics this year, and we’ll be operating two clinics: one in Texas and one in Pennsylvania.”


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[HT: TheBlaze]

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