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In response to the Supreme Court’s reversal of Massachusetts’ abortion†clinic buffer zone law this week, pro-choice blogger Dan Savage at†suggested following the lead of West Hollywood homosexual activists,†who supposedly got a church to stop invading their space by turning the tables.

Savage quoted an obscenity-laden post by Rude Pundit†with like-minded thoughts:

pro-choice abortion activists turning tables on pro-life?

I must correct Rude Pundit that it is illegal to block a public right-of-way, irrespective of buffer zone laws.

So, word to the wise, Rude Pundit, were you to attempt some of the tactics you espouse, you would be arrested, if a church were of a persuasion to call the police.

That aside, what if angered pro-choice activists were to attempt their version of “sidewalk counseling” at your church? How would you feel about†it? How do you think your church would handle it? Is there a chance you would welcome such tactics as an opportunity to reach out? Or would they give you pause to reconsider praying and protesting in front of abortion clinics?


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[Photo of pro-life prayer warriors at abortion clinic via The Telegraph]

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