texas-rural-road-300x168According to the Guttmacher Institute, in 2009 the median cost of a first-trimester abortion was just under $500. Add the bus travel or gas and up to three nights in a hotel, and the cost can jump by several hundred dollars.

That’s the impetus behind Clinic Action Support Network, which was founded last summer in response to the new law, and aims to help Houston-area women clear the growing hurdles to abortion access.

But regulations and requirements like those in HB2 are not limited to Texas. Twenty-seven states have passed abortion regulations….

The trend has given rise to networks like CASN nationwide that help close the gap between the legal right to an abortion and the ability to get one. The New Mexico Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, for example, puts up women in a supportive hotel that charges the organization $49.99 a night for a room.

~ BillMoyers.com, reporting on “abortion’s underground railroad,” July 17

[Photo via BillMoyers.com]

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