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  • The FRC Blog explains how Democrat Sen. Patty Murray’s hasty “Protect Women’s Health From Corporate Interference Act of 2014” bill is actually anti-civil rights, anti-constitutional, anti-business, anti-religion, anti-woman, and just downright discriminatory.
  • At National Review, Michael J. New says a new poll from Rasmussen – though it records greater pro-choice sentiment than pro-life – actually suggests that “pro-life sentiment has reached an all-time high”. He also writes that despite mainstream media’s effort to spin this year’s decrease in pro-life legislation in favor of abortion supporters, “2014 ranks as the tenth-most-productive year on record in terms of the number such laws passed” since Guttmacher began tracking the laws in the mid-80’s.


  • Expose Abortion shares a 2004 quote from abortionist Marilynn C. Frederiksen (pictured left), who admits that live-birth abortions can and do happen, despite abortionists’ efforts to end the life of the child in utero:

    I have been unable in certain cases to actually put a needle into the heart for technical reasons or because the mother is obese or the fetus is in a particularly difficult position to gain access to the heart. When you put these agents not in the heart or near the heart, you can’t guarantee fetal death.

    So the question is: what happens to the child in such cases? Does the abortionist then “guarantee neonate death” by committing infanticide?

  • Clinic Quotes shares a statement which demonstrates the odd mental gymnastics abortion advocates must perform when they choose not to value human life at all stages. Abortion supporter Lana Clarke Phelan is quoted:

    Another cliche [used by doctors to refuse to do abortions] is the timeworn “life has begun and I cannot play god” bit, yet daily each doctor sees nothing unethical in excising a cancer, performing a vasectomy on a requesting male without question, or using antibiotics to frustrate the will of god regarding life and death.

    Though this statement was made in 1968, we hear the same rhetoric today among many in the abortion advocacy camp. Knowing how far we have come in our ultrasound technology, it is startling that human life is still compared to a cancer.


  • At Live Action, Monica Kelsey (pictured right) says that as an adoptee, she did not learn of the circumstances surrounding her conception until she was an adult. Her story is a challenge to all those who consider themselves “pro-life with exceptions”:

    This idea of every life having value is rejected by the pro-abortion movement, but you may be surprised to learn that it’s a common attitude of some pro-lifers as well. As a child conceived in rape, I am constantly reminded by some in the pro-life movement that I am expendable, an exception. As a result, I am compelled to prove my worth professionally and personally every day of my life as if I’m a less valuable member of society due to the nature of my conception. My question is simple: Why?

    Why should I base my value on what others believe about the circumstances surrounding my creation? The answer equally is simple: I shouldn’t! But some in the pro-life movement have turned children conceived through rape into second class citizens for more than 41 years. This is an everyday struggle for me and others conceived in rape. It comes with its own set of challenges, which include the dehumanization of our very existence.

  • At Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, Dr. William Toffler of Physicians for Compassionate Care writes that when a patient requests assisted suicide, it is really a cry for help and affirmation – not a request for death:

    The truth is that we are not islands. How physicians respond to the patient’s request has a profound effect, not only on a patient’s choices, but also on their view of themselves and their inherent worth.

  • Abstinence Clearinghouse adds a benefit to abstinence that isn’t often mentioned – a greater likelihood of marital faithfulness:

    Multiple studies have shown that individuals who remain abstinent before marriage have a better chance of remaining faithful in their marriage. When spouses are faithful within marriage, it allows the couple, and specifically the male, to build, save, protect, plan and prosper. So abstinence before marriage and faithfulness within marriage have historically protected the individual and society.


  • Big Blue Wave links to an Express article from the UK which exposes the practice of aborting disabled babies mere days before their due dates. Some MPs have expressed outrage at the news:

    Conservative MP Fiona Bruce [pictured top left], co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Pro-life Group, said: “I do not understand how we can have a law which allows the life of a baby with a disability to be ended at full term. It is a graphic illustration of society’s inconsistency on disability.

    After birth we work hard to ensure equality, but before birth we have laws to prevent the disabled taking their first breath. This medieval, cruel, discriminatory law must change.”

    Labour MP Rob Flello [pictured bottom left] added: “We have a Jekyll and Hyde approach to disability. One one hand the entire country can be united in praise of paralympians. On the other we can permit the abortion of children at nine months simply for the crime of having a disability.”…

    Last year a parliamentary commission called for change in the law after hearing rules even allowed abortions at 40 weeks on grounds of disability.

    It learned that abortions can be carried out on babies with a cleft lip or club foot, conditions that can be rectified after birth. One doctor reported that on some occasions a wrong diagnosis had been given and the dead foetus was found to have no disability.

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