bill_moyers2by Hans Johnson

Bill Moyers (pictured right), former press secretary for President Lyndon Johnson and long-time PBS host, interviewed Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards regarding the recent Supreme Court decision to strike down a Massachusetts law mandating a 35-foot buffer zone for protesters at abortion clinics.

Perhaps the lowlight of the discussion resulted from the pro-choice insistence of hiding abortion behind any and all health issues. Richards said:

… [I]t is the right of women in this country to be able to access healthcare that they need without harassment and without the advice of dozens of people outside their health center. I mean, can you imagine if, you know, if men in this country, before going into their doctor had to walk through a gauntlet of protesters telling them, you know, whether it’s not to get a colonoscopy or just go down the list? It’s incredible.

How offensive. Not only has Ms. Richards deceived the public about Planned Parenthood’s cancer-screening methods, she now also equates opposition to the taking of lives through abortion to the opposition of procedures that save lives.

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