Abortion groups NARAL and Progress Texas went undercover at a public pro-life meetingAlthough pro-choicers admit over and over and over (and over and over and over) that they are losing the epic battle over abortion, they continue to be shocked and awed by pro-life prowess.

I can only deduce they think they are losing not because we’re so smart but because they’re so stupid.

Which may actually be true, a case in point being that NARAL Pro-Choice Texas and Progress Texas are under the mistaken impression they conducted a super sleuth undercover investigation of pro-lifers. LiberalAmerica.org excitedly reported that “a member of the Progress Texas team managed to slip into the Texas State Capitol last Monday for ‘Keeping Abortion Clinics Closed,’ a training seminar sponsored by the Texas Alliance for Life.”

Hello, the meeting was open to the public.

This was the same as going “undercover” to report on a speech given by President Barack Obama.

Nevertheless, on August 12 the two groups breathlessly released “undercover audio” (not technologically savvy enough, even in tandem, to get video) “reveal[ing] intimidation tactics of Texas anti-abortion groups.”

One appalling tactic they uncovered was that we have the wherewithal to learn the names and addresses of abortionists. Abortion proponents must have heretofore thought an anti-abortionist fairy puts this information under the pillows of good pro-lifers.

As stated on the video of the audio, pro-lifers in Texas do this to police whether abortionists are getting admitting privileges at local hospitals as per law, or sneaking in and out.

And yes, pro-lifers also do this to conduct home protests as a means of deterring and shaming abortionists as well as alerting neighbors that they have a paid assassin living among them. I’d sure want to know.

Liberal groups also employ this tactic. So what. Abortion zealots are free to protest pro-life homes and businesses, although they don’t. What would their signs say, “Person who believes abortion is murder lives here”?

NARAL and Progress Texas also “revealed” pro-lifers have a system for counting the mothers going into mills to abort their babies, this to determine the number who complete the awful deed, and the number who don’t.

Abortion supporters think pro-life supporters are as smart as MacGyverTo do this pro-lifers write down the make, model, and license plate number of cars entering abortion mill parking lots.

This is legal, but pro-choice groups would apparently not know how to accomplish this feat. Liberalamerica.org deemed this “the most disturbing revelation” of all, the “capability to track the license plates of those coming into abortion clinics,” like we’re MacGyver or something, rather than simply observationists with pen and paper.

And our goal is certainly “not to look for identity,” a statement allowed to remain in the “heavily edited” tape, to coin a favorite pro-abortion phrase used when complaining about Live Action’s videos. (Speaking of which, where is NARAL/Progress Texas’s unedited tape, which Live Action also releases?) No, this is just a way to separate one car from another.

union rat, in a union picket similar to pro-life pickets of abortion clinics and homes of abortionistsThe abortion groups also took issue with pro-lifers for “lining sidewalks outside clinics to dissuade patients from entering clinics,” as if they’ve never heard of a union picket. At least pro-lifers don’t use huge, inflatable rats.

The point of this pro-abortion “undercover” investigation was to inaccurately portray the pro-life movement as sinister and violent.

In reality, the pro-life movement is the most peaceful social justice movement in history. On any given day pro-lifers conduct dozens to hundreds of prayer vigils or pickets across the country with no incident other than pro-abortion vandalism or assault.

In any movement there is always a fringe element. In our movement this element has murdered eight abortion workers, mostly during a small window of time in the mid-1990s. Each of these deaths is a lamentable as each of the 55+ million children murdered by the pro-abortion side over the past 41 years.

At any rate, I don’t care that the abortion crowd tries to paint pro-lifers as violent. I think most know what’s really up, as recently evidenced by the United States Supreme Court, which unanimously overturned Massachusetts’ abortion clinic buffer zone, presumably enacted to abate pro-life violence.

And such attempts only boomerang on them. It keeps doctors from becoming abortionists, makes their people even more neurotic, and forces them to spend money on security systems and personnel. So be it.

By the way, NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, your name is as obsolete as your “undercover” investigation techniques.

[Photo of rat via inthesetimes.com]

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