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Pro-lifer Reilly Ball (pictured right) responded to the popular ALS ice bucket challenge on her blog, explaining her pro-life perspective both there and on her YouTube page:

As it turns out, The ALS Association is performing embryonic stem cell research, which is funded by a a single donor. Adult stem cell research can be beneficial to progressive science technology but still lets the human live. This is great and has been shown to help fight ALS and other neurological diseases. Embryonic stem cell research harvests the baby’s stem cells in such a way that the baby cannot live. This is the intentional act of killing an innocent human child which is a form of abortion. The biggest irony of the whole situation is that embryonic stem cell research has shown zero effect in fighting ALS or other neurological diseases!

So what does this have to do with me dumping a bucket of ice water over my head?

The message of the video is to educate my friends of two points: first, ALS awareness and fundraising and second, supporting the ALS Association isn’t an ethical or beneficial option. Abortion is never a necessary evil. Why should we support the killing of millions of lives to hopefully find the cure for thousands?

I think the problem with the ALS Association lies in the fact that they would allow that kind of study to be done. When you’re donating to an organization, you’re donating to their ideas, motives, and worldview. Even though the ALSA works hard at fighting ALS, they are going about it in the wrong way by accepting embryonic stem cell research regardless of who ends up funding it….

So by all means, go ahead and dump freezing water on your head. I did it! Just remember why you’re doing it and know where your money is going.


Reilly was one of Created Equal’s interns and justice riders this summer!

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