Mike Peters steals signs from Created Equal, a pro-life organization

by Hans Johnson

Last month police officers in Jackson, Mississippi were shown just standing by as pro-life signs being displayed by Created Equal were stolen and stored in a basement.

In a press release  accompanying new video, Executive Director Mark Harrington describes the difficulty they were  met with from the outset:

On Thursday July 17, 2014, Created Equal visited Jackson, MS, site of the state’s last remaining abortion facility as part of Day 4 of our Summer Justice Ride. Sixteen days before the event, we contacted the police to work out any details resulting in a conference call the day before with police and city officials. It wasn’t until after our arrival that police informed us of a sign ordinance that they intended to enforce against our first amendment-protected display.

The City of Jackson is required to guarantee everyone the right to free speech. Selective enforcement of commercial sign ordinances amounts to nothing more than harassment. The only reason the police were trying to require us to follow this obscure sign law is because we were opposing abortion outside the last remaining abortion mill in the state. I feel like I was transported back 50 years when Freedom Riders were harassed by Jackson police and business owners as white racists interfered with their right to use interstate commerce.


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