James Woods condom strategy to pro-life advocates

Why do I think Democrat pro-abortion congressional candidate James Woods is slimy?

Aside from the fact Woods retaliated against a pro-life letter writing campaign by mailing condoms back to pro-lifers, he introduced his condom strategy on Facebook with “Got Wood(s)?” What person running for U.S. Congress goes gutter like that?

Woods is also a card-carrying atheist, which may help explain his lack of decorum. Here’s the letter he sent with his condoms:


Actually, condoms are not the route to go if one is trying to avoid pregnancy. According to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, condoms have an 18% failure rate, meaning one in five women can expect an oopsy pregnancy within a year of use.

James Woods pro-abortion sends condoms to pro-lifersWoods is running against Republican pro-life incumbent Matthew Salmon in the majorily Republican Arizona 5th Congressional District. Salmon is favored to win.

Salmon has also swamped Woods in fundraising, raising $803,439 to Woods’ $30,736.

James Woods is physically blind, but his bigger concern is blindness of a different sort.

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