On August 2 pro-life abolitionist Caleb Head, a member of Abolish Human Abortion, observed a Chick-fil-A catering truck making a delivery to Houston Women’s Clinic. According to Head, this abortion mill is the busiest in Houston and 4th busiest in the country….

chick-fil-a-abortion-planned parenthood

AHA initiated phone calls and online activism to admonish this Chick-fil-A, located at 3101 West Holcombe Avenue, to repent and never do this again.

Head’s father, Pastor Scott Head, wrote a letter to CFA Holcombe’s owner, Juli Salvagio, who responded:

Our restaurant was simply fulfilling a catering request. Our goal is to serve great food with genuine hospitality to all guests. We have no political or social agenda.

We strive to serve everyone with honor, dignity and respect.

Pastor Head, in turn, responded:

[T]he ruthless killing of babies by abortion is not a political or social matter, it is a barbaric practice that all decent people ought to be concerned about.

You represent a company that has a particular learning and reputation toward Christian ethics, whether you are a Christian or not. Your company, though you are an independent owner, still represents the founder’s ethic. Knowing other independent franchise owners personally, I know they are free to do as they wish, but wise owners also support the general business and brand perception. Chick-fil-A will surely suffer, and your business in particular, if you stand by and give Nazi-esque answers when confronted about supporting abortionists like Rosenfeld’s HWC.If you remember, the Nazis who serviced the holocaust perpetrators also said “we are simply fulfilling a business order.” Yet these same businesses (like BASF, who supplied Zyklon B to gas Jews, for example) were held responsible by courts for war crimes.

Here’s AHA’s pictorial position:

Chick-Fil-A caters Houston's largest abortion clinic

Is Chick-Fil-A, which catered to a huge abortion clinic, quivalent to Nazi's?

In this video Caleb shows a clip of the original confrontation with the Chick-fil-A delivery person, who it turns out was manager Robert L.

In the video Caleb refutes complaints he has received from Christians, such as that we are instructed in Proverbs 25:21 to give our enemies food and water if they are hungry and thirsty, pointing out abortionist Bernard Rosenfeld and his staff are by no means starving or dying of thirst.

What do you think Chick-fil-A should have done when getting the catering call from an abortion clinic? How far should Christian and/or pro-life-owned companies go to avoid complicity with abortion?

For that matter, how far should we as individual pro-lifers go to avoid aiding and abetting abortion?

Coincidentally, here’s video via Life Dynamics of a different caterer who turned around and left when he realized he was delivering to the Houston Planned Parenthood.

Be sure to take the poll as well as lend your thoughts…


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[HT: Andy Moorelesforlife.blogspot.com, and saynsumthn.wordpress.com]

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