voteprolife16Leslie at The Passionate Prolifer Turned Abolitionist took exception this week to KNUS talk show host Krista Kafer, also a fellow at Colorado Christian University, who said, according to Leslie, “she wouldn’t have a problem voting for a ‘pro-choice’ candidate since abortion is just one of a number of issues women care about.”

Leslie went on to list 10 reasons why such thinking is “deeply flawed.”

Are you a one-issue voter when it comes to abortion?

On a related issue, in an apparent violation of a 2004 USCCB resolution stating that “Catholic institutions should not honor pro-abortion politicians or provide them with a stage that would suggest support for their actions,” the Connecticut diocesan newspaper publicly praised pro-abortion Democrat Congressman Joe Courtney, who holds a 100% rating from NARAL, for his work giving amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Was this an example of laying down with dogs to wake up with fleas?

Can one vote for, work with, and publicly praise a pro-abortion politician?

[HT: Susie]


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