dd-s4-phil-castbio-688x1065Feathers flew in the blogosphere after Phil shared with my radio audience his biblical belief that God wants a man and woman to keep sex within the confines of marriage. Not exactly groundbreaking news that a Christian would uphold what the Bible teaches about sexual immorality – but more than enough to stir outrage and distortions from the Left.

Predictably, Phil‘s critics pounced on his comments about what the Bible says on the consequences of sin. “God says, ‘One woman, one man,’ and everyone says, ‘Oh, that’s old hat, that’s that old Bible stuff,'” Phil told Washington Watch listeners. “I’m thinking, let’s see now; a clean guy – a disease-free guy and a disease-free woman – they marry and they keep their sex between the two of them. They’re not going to get Chlamydia, and gonorrhea, and syphilis, and AIDS. It’s safe. Now to me, either it’s the wildest coincidence ever that horrible diseases follow immoral conduct, or, it’s God saying, ‘There’s a penalty for that kind of conduct.’ I’m leaning towards there’s a penalty toward it.”

Phil is right and the social science confirms that God’s plan is the best. God is not a cosmic kill joy. God shows us through his Word the way to enjoy life. But Phil didn’t always have it right. He lived a life of sin for 28 years before his life dramatically changed after he came to know Christ. “I have run with the wicked for 28 years and run with the Godly for 40 years. The contrast is astounding.”

~ Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council, speaking about a September 9 interview he conducted with Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson, as quoted by FRC’s Washington Update

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