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April 2013 was a busy month for newly crowned Miss America, Kira Kazantsev.

Just as Kazantsev was completing her three-month stint as an intern at a Planned Parenthood clinic in her home state of New York, she was also being ousted from her sorority for abusive hazing.

Jezebel is reporting today that Kazantsev, who served as Alpha Phi’s head of recruitment at Hofstra University on Long Island, was ejected from her sorority that same month for abusing pledges:

Kazantsev and her best friend (another Alpha Phi sister who was also her roommate), our source says, were exceptionally harsh toward the pledges. (In the tipster’s words, they made the recruits’ lives “a living hell.”) Under Kira’s supervision, according to the source, pledges in the incoming class were called names, berated for their perceived physical flaws and imperfections, and made to perform physical tasks to the point of bruising and exhaustion - standard sorority pledge stuff paid forward by a person who our source says was herself brutally hazed upon entry into Alpha Phi.

Interesting character attributes for a person whose platform is domestic violence, Kazantsev says because she “was stalked and threatened while in an abusive relationship in college.” The abused becomes the abuser while advocating against abuse. Makes no sense.

Although neither does it make sense that Kazantsev’s reason for interning at Planned Parenthood was to “afford[ ] her the opportunity to advocate against child abuse,” which was the pageant’s explanation for her tenure. Another example of the abused becoming the abuser while advocating against abuse.

I see a pattern.

And I wonder what liberal feminists like Amanda Marcotte, who just compared the “demoniz[ation]” of Kazantsev’s connection to Planned Parenthood to ”satanic panic” (soooo Freudian), are going to say now?

[HT: Destiny; photo via the AP]

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