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  • Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust share several powerful experiences they have had in their campus outreach efforts. One Survivor encountered a rape victim who had a subsequent abortion:

    After she told me the circumstances of the assault, I asked her, “Did the abortion help you heal from the rape?”

    “You know, I never think of the rape itself anymore, but I think of this every day,” she gestured at the picture of the aborted child.

  • ProLife NZ cross posts an article from Life Site News about the training an abortion doula goes through to become steeled to the ugliness of the business. Lying and distraction are just a normal part of the job. One interesting quote:

    But for all the pain they have witnessed, abortion doulas are relatively unmoved about what they are doing.

    Doula Project co-founder [Mary] Mahoney has admitted “those pictures pro-life activists flash are real.”

WMSoperating room

  • Right to Life of Michigan reports on the trial of abortionist Robert Alexander for “allegations of incompetency and negligence stemming from the closure of his Muskegon clinic in December of 2012 by the fire marshal.”

    Authorities reportedly “seemed distressed by the dozens of health and safety violations which were found at the clinic,” which included things like unsterilized and rusty equipment, “used needles on the ground,” and even “buckets of fluid containing ‘fleshy’ substances.”

    The judge found Alexander guilty of negligence and now the Board of Medicine will decide if he gets to retain his license and what, if any, sanctions will be imposed.

  • At ProWomanProLife, Faye Sonier points out how the days of “safe, legal, and rare” are nearly gone from the vocabulary of abortion supporters. But does this help or hurt the pro-life position? Sonier writes:

    I think the pro-choice position is being forced to swing so far in that direction – the celebration of abortion – that it is again providing us with an opportunity to reach people. Because most people cannot celebrate it. And I don’t think it’s due to cultural stigma (an argument they often toss out), but due to the fact that we know what is in the womb (hello sonograms) and it’s within our nature to want to protect our offspring, not kill them.


  • Suzy B reports on the increased political support for the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, sponsored by Sen. Lindsey Graham (pictured right with NRLC president Carol Tobias). Graham sees the bill as common sense, saying, “If you’re telling parents to sing to the baby because they understand your voice, should we really be aborting a child at the stage of the pregnancy?… I don’t want anybody carrying the republican banner that doesn’t get this. If you don’t get this, then you’re the extremist.”

    The U.S. is one of only seven countries which allows abortion past 20 weeks, joining countries like North Korea and China.

  • At Priests for Life, Alveda King wonders about where we are seeking wisdom – from God or from man? King discusses the use of euphemisms and the role of the “consigliere” or advisor in American political and social decision-making.
  • At Real Choice, Christina Dunigan responds to Wendy Davis’ abortion story by taking doctors to task when they are so quick to recommend abortion:

    Doctors are by nature people who are driven to take action against suffering. But… [t]he suffering is reduced not for the family, but for the doctor, who, after the abortion, no longer needs to go through the ordeal of prenatal visits that can only bring bad news: that the inevitable has happened and the baby has died. If the woman aborts, the doctor’s suffering is certainly lessened. But it is the patient who pays the price….

    Perinatal hospice is not nearly as easy for the physician as an abortion referral….

    The greatest tragedy of these situations is that so few women are given [perinatal hospice] support. Too few are even told that even if perinatal hospice isn’t available in their area, there is still support from other parents who have faced the same ordeal, the same choice, and found their joy.

    Many abortion supporters argue that it should still be the woman’s choice about how she deals with the dreadful news that her unborn baby is dying. But how much is it a real choice, when doctors and other medical professionals are urging an abortion, are assuring her that it will be for the best, and are pressing her to make a decision quickly, while she’s still reeling from such a blow?

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