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  • A Culture of Life says another study from India – that makes 12 now, from that nation alone – shows a “very strong link between abortion between abortion and breast cancer:

    The average “odds ratio” of developing breast cancer in each of the studies was at least 1. But the average “odds ratio” for all 12 studies came out at 5.54. [Steven] Mosher [of the Population Research Institute] explains that this means a woman has “a 554% increased risk of developing breast cancer” if she has had an induced abortion….Mosher points out that India is a great place to do this sort of study as the women “marry early, do not use the pill, have multiple pregnancies, and breastfeed their babies. In other words, all of the other major risk factors for breast cancer are… absent.”


  • Expose Abortion has this chilling quote from the testimony of Steven Massof at the Kermit Gosnell trial in 2013:

    Q. And of the babies where you saw expelled from the mother with the chest movement indicating heartbeat, what would be done to them?
    A. We’d sever the spine, snip the neck.

  • At Bound4Life, Christina shares the events through which God led her into the pro-life movement. Not only that, but the words of one person in the right place at the right time saved her life:

    During my last years of college I’d become increasingly pro-life. After over 20 years of silence, my mother confessed to attempting to abort me. She paid for the procedure, but walked out of the hospital when a janitor told her God would give her the strength to carry me.

  • Also at Bound4Life, Josh Shepherd writes about the shift in our culture toward life, which is reflected in not only public polling, but in the Supreme Court:

    Gallup polling clearly indicates how the abortion issue has shifted in recent years. Americans increasingly identify as pro-life — with a large majority of 71% favoring at least some restrictions on abortion.

    Furthermore, leaders elected at the state level in recent years are following through on their promises to uphold and strengthen a culture of life. As Vox notes, “States enacted 205 abortion restrictions between 2010 and 2013, more than the total number passed in the prior decade.”

    These indicators of cultural shift partly explain what few have considered — the last five times the Supreme Court considered abortion policy, it ruled in favor of life.

  • At Life Training Institute, Clinton Wilcox responds to Brandon Christen, a pro-choice atheist who “argues from logic and philosophy instead of the usual fare you get from sites like Salon or RH Reality Check“:

    Christen begins his article by talking about the seeming stark divide among religious lines regarding the abortion issue — that the religious are pro-life and atheists are pro-choice. But if you look deeper into this, you’ll realize this isn’t really the case. While it may be true that the religious are more likely to be pro-life and atheists are more likely to be pro-choice, there are certainly pro-choice religious people and pro-life atheists. In fact, as Bernard Nathanson talked about in his book Aborting America, abortion was initially disguised as a religious issue by the pro-choice lobby to help get abortion legalized in the United States. Abortion, itself, is inherently not a religious/non-religious issue, just like the slavery issue wasn’t.


  • Live Action News takes on Cosmopolitan for their decision to launch #CosmoVotes in an effort to endorse pro-abortion political candidates. Pro-life candidates need not apply:

    Among X-rated sex tips, Fifty Shades BDSM pieces, fluff articles and celebrity gossip, the publication is now endorsing political candidates based on their support for abortion…. According to Cosmopolitan, midterm candidates are carefully selected based on what is “best for women.”

    Among endorsements for skin creams and hair styles are promotional pieces favoring candidates such as Colorado Democrat Mark Udall, Senator Kay Hagan of North Carolina, and Florida hopeful Gwen Graham. Cosmopolitan looks no further than a candidate’s support for abortion to make a political endorsement….

    While Cosmopolitan… claim[s] to represent women, the groups truly do women a disservice. The propaganda promoted by these media giants reduce women down to mere individuals whose only wishes are abortion and birth control on demand. Women are coerced into believing that abortion is a requirement for success, and that dangerous hormonal contraceptives — labeled as a Group One carcinogen by the World Health Organization — are necessary in order for women to achieve their career and life goals.

    Women deserve better.

[Massof photo via Operation Rescue; Cosmo cover via]

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