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  • On the 34th anniversary of China’s One-Child Policy, Reggie Littlejohn of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers pens an open letter to Chinese President Xi Jinping in which she minces no words about the law’s brutality:

    The One Child Policy causes more violence against women and girls than any other official policy on earth.

    The One Child Policy is China’s war on women. Any discussion of women’s rights, or human rights, would be a charade if forced abortion in China is not front and center. It does not matter whether you are pro-life or pro-choice on this issue. No one supports forced abortion, because it is not a choice.


  • At Stand True, Bryan Kemper shares the testimony of Lauran, who was raped as a teen and became pregnant with her daughter, Isabella, as a result. Lauran describes her feelings during her pregnancy:

    Life is a precious, sacred gift and it is not ours to choose whether life should end because of inconvenience or because of the circumstance of conception. I learned something so valuable in those eight months. I was not the person outsiders assumed I was. I was stronger than I ever knew possible. I had developed the heart of a mommy.

    In spite of the circumstances of her conception, I began to realize that my daughter was not a creation of violence, she was a gift from God, the creator of life. It was that realization that changed my perspective completely. One week after graduation Isabella Grace came into the world. I thought I had been strong for the past 9 months but I had no idea how much stronger I would become because of this beautiful little girl.

  • The March for Life Conference and Expo will be held on January 21, 2015, the day before the March for Life in Washington, D.C. This is a free, one day event which will include information on grassroots lobbying, legal history, panel discussions, exhibits from pro-life groups, and more! Register here.
  • Pro-Life NZ discusses in detail why the most often noted “exceptions” considered in the “pro-life with exceptions” position – rape/incest, fetal abnormality, and life of the mother – are in error:

    Once pro-lifers say there can be a “good reason” to kill a preborn baby, the foundation of the pro-life movement crumbles. The argument is lost. Either the preborn child is a person, or the child is not a person. Since the preborn child is a person, there can be no exceptions for abortion.

Broken Violin

  • At, Kevin Kukla takes apart the “most popular abortion argument of all time” – Judith Jarvis Thompson’s “unconscious violinist” scenario.
  • ProWomanProLife remarks on what happens “in an abortion-promoting culture where we attempt to separate sex from pro-creation”:

    It seems that Sex Ed 101 teaches where babies come from. Babies are conceived via sex. Sex = babies.

    If that’s the case and if most people in North America are aware of this fact, how in the world can a man “accidentally” conceive a child?

    This can only happen in an abortion-promoting culture where we attempt to separate sex from pro-creation. We all know that no contraception is 100% effective. But what is pretty darn effective is abortion.

    And this is what leads to an inconceivable quote like this one:

    In consenting to sex, neither a man nor a woman gives consent to become a parent, just as in consenting to any activity, one does not consent to yield to all the accidental outcomes that might flow from that activity.

    Therefore sex no longer leads to babies, or unwanted babies in any case, therefore men and women can become “accidentally” pregnant, bear no responsibility and the child in the womb is killed or, if he/she lives, may have to do without a “desperate” parent who opted out.

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