pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Judie Brown of American Life League discusses an issue that sometimes separates pro-life activists. She believes pro-lifers should not waste time and resources fighting for laws that force abortionists to have admitting privileges at local hospitals. While many pro-lifers rightfully think abortionists fail to meet that standard, and this is a way to expose them and shut down abortion centers when no physician qualifies, Brown quotes ALL’s Jim Sedlak, who voices an alternative opinion:

    While pro-lifers get caught up in trying to argue for these kinds of laws, statements are made that you would never expect from a pro-life person. In fact, after the Alabama decision, one pro-life leader, who is one of the strongest fighters for life in the country, actually argued that these laws are needed to protect women who are choosing to have an abortion.

    This has brought us a long way from the days when it was clearly recognized that the energies of the pro-life movement were focused on saving the baby, praying for the woman, and finding a way to show women that abortion was not her only solution to her perceived problems.


  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life posted an op ed in Duluth News Tribune calling out MN Senator Al Franken for his support of the misnamed Women’s Health Protection Act, which “effectively would establish abortion on demand until birth nationwide.”

    This extremist, who is up for reelection this November, must be defeated! He only won in 2008 by 312 recounted votes, and at least one pundit considers him vulnerable.

  • The Leading Edge, a New Zealand blog, gives tips on how to talk to your “MP,” i.e., member of parliament, about issues that matter to you. The advice is sound for the U.S. as well!


  • Clinic Quotes quotes Glamour magazine in 1973, which called abortion the “kiss of death” in the medical profession:

    “[Hospital administrators say] abortion is a sleazy and offensive procedure… The doctor who does abortions – even if they are only a small part of her practice – is known as an abortionist…. This label is the kiss of death for any professional hopes a doctor might have.”


  • Live Action gives a high five to a Today Show story about Special Kneads Bakery, which employs special needs adults:

    “What they do is critical to our success,” says Mike, underscoring the fact that these jobs are not provided as charity or just to give adults with special needs something to do. They are earning an honest wage and contributing in a very real way to the success of the business.

    Mike says their love for repetition is a boon to the business: “They do a lot of the jobs that most people don’t even really think about, and don’t want to do.”

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